A. E. Hart Reply to Circular 4, 1957

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Department of Public Welfare

Deputy Minister of Public Welfare, Bonne Bay,
Dept. of Public Welfare,
St. John's.March 20th. 1957
Re:- Circular # 4.


In reply to Circular # 4 regarding families moving from small isolated communities in this area to larger centres in my opinion there is only one that should be considered from a point of view of Church and school facilities viz. Chimney Cove in the Humber district, the end of this district south. If these people moved to Trout River they would have the facilities above mentioned. They are all of the Anglican Faith and a Church and three room school is situated there. From a point of view of making a living however they can do far better at Chimney Cove and it is known definitely that at least 50% of the families there are not at all willing to move, at least not at the present time, if however the mines now in its very early stage operates successfully at Trout River they may be quite willing: to move as it would be better all round for young and old alike.

Although there are other small communities in the area they are not isolated neither are they without educational, medical or Church facilities. I refer to such places as Baker's Brook, Green Point and Belldowns Point in the Cow Head area. All these places are connected by highroad and they find it just as easy to get to Hospital at Norris Point as do the people of the larger places such as Rocky Hr. & Sally's Cove. They have their own schools and Chapels and certainly can provide a living better than if they moved to larger centres in the area where there is no more employment available then [sic] in their own communities. For the most part all the men fish in summer and go to the lumberwoods or operates sawmills in winter.

In my opinion therefore I cannot see how the people in this area could benefit by moving to larger centres other then Chimney Cove from a point of view of Church and school facilities as well as from a medical standpoint.

(A. E. HART) Welfare Officer

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