Chart, Why People should Move, 1957

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Name of small isolated settlement Number of families involved Number of families willing to move Name of larger settlement to which families might be moved Religious Denomination having churches in larger centres Size of School of each denomination Reasons why families should be moved
Coney Arm 6 6 Jackson's Arm Anglican Three room and a one room Coney Arm is located a distance of ten miles from Jackson's Arm. Due to ice it is practically isolated from December to June in each year. There are no public services available in this community, no store and the chances of earning a living are far remote.
Sop's Island East 6 These people are not quite sure whether they should move or not. Sop's Arm or Jackson's Arm. Anglican Three room and a one room. Plans are being made for a four room school at Jackson's Arm. Sop's Island East is a small fishing settlement located on the North East tip of Sop's Island East. It is approximately the same distance from Sop's Arm as it is from Jackson's Arm.

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