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Flowers Cove
March 1st / 1957

Castor River

Seven families north side 8 families S. side, These people have no school or church, people & children illiterate Mostly self supporting Main source of income from lobster fishing & woodwork during winter most of these men are employed by Capt. John Rumbolt, who operates a saw-mill. Would suggest that these people move to Bartletts Hr. Here they have a two room school & the same chance of making a living as these people do not know the value of an education none of them want to move.

New Ferrolle

Twelve familes all of the R.C. Faith Same as Castor River. Fisherman [sic] & woodsman [sic] about 1/2 self supporting. Very poor Harbour most of the people illiterate. Now have a one room school chapal [sic] recently build. Would also

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recommend that these move to Bartletts Hr. Reason people at Bartletts Hr. of the same Religious faith, easier to get wood to burn. Reefs Hr would be just as good, but most people here is of the C. of E. faith.

Pond Cove

Seven families no school, people of the C. of E. faith. Mostly self supporting main source of income from lumber woods & lobster fishing. Would suggest that these people be moved to Blue Cove. Here they have a school & the same chance of making a living, also an excellent harbour for small fishing boats & a good supply of wood & water.

Current Island

Fifteen families all of the C. of E. faith. This Island is about 1/4 of a mile from Forresters Pt. it is infested with tuberculosis & no fit place

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for anyone to live. Its [sic] all Barren and in the spring and fall isolated from the main land. Was one time a ideal fishing settlement now only source of income is from the lumberwood Ideal place for these people would be St. Barbe or Black Duck Cove. St. Barbe has only two families but is the best place on this coast for a settlement has [sic] it is an excellent Hr. a good place to fish an excellent supply of fresh water.

Eddies Cove East to Sandy Cove

Most of these people are self supporting they have no good harbours with the event of the road & breakwater, these people will be able to supplement their earnings from farming & fishing & have no desire to move. In all of these places they have schools, unemployment Insurance for fishing will raise the standard of living in these places.

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