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17th February, 1967.

Mr. Alex Stacey,
Department of Community & Social Development.

It is only now that I have found the time to prepare a record of the "re-settlement" projects which were carried out from 1951 to 1953 by the Department of Public Works. The following information has been drawn from our files:

In 1951-'52 and 1952-'53 twenty houses and fifteen fish stores, etc. were moved from Cape Island to Cape Freels North, Cape Freels South and Newtown.

Government, through the Department of Public Works, assisted by providing materials and machinery.

In 1952 six houses were floated to Hare Bay by their owners. The Department of Public Works assisted by paying hire of dozer to pull houses ashore and haul them to building sites. In 1951 sixteen families moved with their houses to Dover and Hare Bay. There is no record of Government being involved in the 1951 move.

In 1953 Department of Public Works assisted in relocating houses at Badger's Quay by providing materials and machinery. The settlement of Safe Harbour became "deserted" about this time but as there is no record of Government assistance having been given to other than the two cases mentioned above it must be assumed that the other liviers moved on their own.

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In 1953 approximately 35 houses were floated from Pinchards Island and re-settled in the Newtown area. The Government, through the Departments of Public Works and Welfare, in addition to assisting by providing machinery and materials paid to the householders a total of approximately $12,000 in amounts varying from $25 to $370. Payments were made on certification of a local committee which had been set up to supervise and co-ordinate the project.

In 1953 responsibility for moving of houses and resettlement of families was placed upon the Department of Welfare and the Department of Public Works dropped out of the picture.

I am forwarding the following files which deal with the above projects:-

RG/76/5 and RG/76/2 - Cape Island
RG/76/4 - Newport
RG/76/3 - Safe Harbour
RG/76/1 - Pinchards Island
Please return the files when your purpose is served.

A.M. Cochrane,

Assistant Deputy Minister.

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