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henry knee family portrait

The Rooms Provincial Archives, VA 14-127, Henry Knee family portrait, Badger's Quay, 1939 / Gustav Anderson, Newfoundland Tourist Development Board fonds

Additional Information  Members in the family photograph are Henry (father), Louisa (mother), Thirza (grandmother), Baxter, George, Chesley, Henry Jr., Margaret, Eliza, Marie. In the 1935 census, the family included 5 sons and 2 daughters, although there are some discrepancies in the names: Henry (37 years), Louise Ann (36 years), Joseph Baxter (8 years), Walter George (3 years), Chesley (15 years), Henry Jr. (3 months), Eliza Grace (13 years), Trixie (11 years). The grandmother is possibly listed as Theresa (73 years)