MED 8750 Physician Competencies IV Class of 2023

MED 8750 Physician Competencies IV
Phase 4, Class of 2023
Academic Years 2021-2023

Assessment Plan
Learners will focus on the transition to postgraduate training as a part of the continuum of medical education.
Entrustable Professional Activities for Phase 4:

  • EPA 10: Participate in health quality improvement initiatives.
  • EPA 13: Collaborate as a member of an interprofessional team.

These have been independently mapped to the Program (CanMEDS) Objectives:
Teaching and Learning Methods
Online modules will cover topics not covered in Phases 1-3 or other mandatory courses in Phase 4. Learners will be expected to complete modules throughout their Phase 4 program. The research project component will include independent work that is project based and builds upon research deliverables from Phase 1-3. Learners will work independently with a supervisor to complete the research component of the course.

Course Structure
1. Leadership in Medicine (LIM):  2 independent online modules (4 hours). Module topics are (1) Human Resource Management and (2) Case Studies in Management and Leadership.
2. Research Project: 20 hours (4 hours of module and 16 hours of independent time). The focus of the Research Curriculum for Phase 4 is on knowledge translation. Learners are required to complete the 4-hour online module on Writing for Publication/Knowledge Translation. Based on the research project which learners have carried out in Phases 1-3, learners will demonstrate that they have completed some form of knowledge translation (i.e. manuscript for publication, conference presentation, presentation to journal club, critical appraisal exercise etc.).  In addition, they will make a poster or oral presentation at the Research Day held during the Clinical Skills IV course in late March- early April 2023. Rubrics will be available in Brightspace (D2L).
3. Professionalism in Practice Module: Completion of the online module. 

Assessment Plan
1. Leadership in Medicine (LIM): The LIM modules are assessed with summative written assignments (750-1000 words each). Details of the assignments and rubrics will be available in Brightspace (D2L). Due date for LIM assignments for the Class of 2023 is March 13, 2023. Pass mark is 70%.

2. Research Project: Summative assessment is based on
(1) knowledge translation. Proof of completion has to be submitted to the UGME office by March 3, 2023.
(2) presentation at Research Day on March 14, 2023.
Rubrics will be available in Brightspace (D2L). Pass mark is 70%.

Note: Class of 2023 must register their knowledge translation plan with the UGME office by August 29, 2022.

3. Professionalism in Practice Module:
Summative assessment is based on completion of the Professionalism in Practice online module. Further instructions for accessing the module will be available on Brightspace. Learners have to upload proof of module completion to the appropriate dropbox in Brightspace. Due date for module completion is August 29, 2022

  • Reassessment will be required if a learner achieves <70% on any summative assessment.
  • Learners will be required to re-submit the assessment for the component they have failed addressing the inadequacies that have been identified.
  • Assignments for reassessment must be submitted within two weeks after the learner is notified by the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) office. In circumstances where a learner has multiple reassessments due in the same two-week time frame, an extension of the deadline date can be made at the discretion of the Phase Lead.
  • A learner may be reassessed for any failed assessment only once.
  • The maximum mark for a reassessment is 70%.

Late Assignments
Late assignments will not be accepted for grading without prior approval from the Phase Lead as outlined in the Undergraduate Medical Education Deferred Examination Policy. The maximum mark any assignment submitted after the due date can receive is 70%, unless prior approval is granted.

Course Success Criteria
To pass the course, a learner must:

  • Complete and submit all course assignments and assessments, and
  • Achieve a pass mark for all assessments in the course.

Learners will receive their grades from the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) office via One45.
As outlined in the MD program objectives, the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University values professionalism as a core competency and a requirement of the MD program. Recognizing that medical learners are developing their professional identity, professionalism lapses will be remediated where possible and appropriate. Unsuccessful remediation will result in failure of the Phase.  Professionalism lapses may render a learner incompatible with continuation in the MD program (as outlined in the Memorial University Calendar Regulation 10.5 Promotion).

As outlined in Section 10.5.2 and 10.5.3 of the Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine in the University calendar, learners with a Fail grade in any course cannot be promoted to graduation. Even in the absence of any Fail grades, a learner for whom substantial concerns about performance have been expressed may either be required to repeat the Phase or required to withdraw conditionally or unconditionally.
Version date: January 6, 2023
Approved by SAS: June 23, 2021
Approved by UGMS: July 21, 2021