Completed Research 2022

Dr. Mingyang Wang: Depression and Burnout in Postgraduate Medical Residents at Memorial University.

Dr. Jessica Hung King Sang: Retrospective Review of Anticholinergic Burden Before and After Psychiatric Hospitalization in Elderly Patients.

Dr. Alain Bateman: A Formative Evaluation of Leveraging Existing Automatic Speech Recognition Tools To Instruct and Evaluate Learners in Psychiatry.

Dr. Dave Lundrigan: Psychosis Management, Early Psychosis Intervention, Risk of Relapse, and Tools To Predict Relapse.

Dr. Jordan Power: Usage of Standardized Delirium Criteria, Screening Tools and the Adult Acute Care Delirium Order Set Among Residents at Memorial University of Newfoundland. 

Dr. Drea Uzans: Rural Postgraduate Psychiatry Training in Canada: Availability, Incentives, and Barriers.