For many people, the high costs of travel for a meeting is hampering their opportunity to receive regular CPD, especially for many rural physicians and healthcare professionals. For many of our educational partners, the substantial commitments they make in educational programming is often not reaching as far as it could.

HSIMS' suite of conferencing services provides the ability to extend highly interactive experiences to an audience wherever they are located; all at a fraction of the financial, time and environmental costs associated with travel.

The Covid19 pandemic has brought all forms of communications into the mainstream and people want the ability to communicate across any platform and from wherever.  MUN’s WebEx solution is fully intergraded into the HSIMS’ Poly video networking infrastructure.

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Ways in which HSIMS’ clients use audio, video, or desktop conferencing:

  • Education: To extend the audience reach of educational programming – both in real time by delivering programming to various locations and asynchronously.
  • Health: To facilitate remote diagnosis, health professional consultations and home care.
  • Legal: To conduct arraignments, depositions, and testimony via video.
  • Business: To hold meetings with stakeholders and interviews with candidates without the requirement to travel.
  • Frequently: used to extend other conferencing services. For example, audio conferencing can be used to extend video conferencing events to areas where video conferencing is unavailable.
  • Unified Solution: We are able to blend a wide variety of applications (i.e. Zoom, WebEx, Poly RPD) into a common platform.

Our main conferencing offerings are:

For all general conferencing and related inquires and or to schedule a session please email or call 709 864 3330 to speak with Bonnie Walsh – Scheduling Coordinator.

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