Undergraduate Medical Education

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Guidelines – Faculty of Medicine

Health Provider Conflict of Interest Policy

Memorial Conflict of Interest Policy

Curriculum Development and Oversight

Course Evaluation Policy

Curriculum Review Policy

Faculty Teaching Evaluation Policy

Policy for Curriculum Changes in the M.D. Program

Health and Safety

Bloodborne Viruses Policy

Medical Student Exposure Hazard Policy



Conflict of Interest Guidelines – Faculty of Medicine

Co-curricular Activities Policy

Medical Withdrawal Policy

Protected Time and Duty Hours Policy

Site Assignment and Reassignment Policy

Student Transfer Policy

Travel Policy for Undergraduate Medical Student Placements - Phases 1-3

Professionalism and the Learning Environment

FoM Policy for the Prevention and Resolution of Learner Mistreatment

FoM Procedure for Addressing Anonymous Disclosures of Learner Mistreatment

FoM Procedure for the Resolution of Incidents of Medical Learner Mistreatment

Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Social Media

Statement of Professional Attributes

Memorial Student Code of Conduct

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Student Assessment

Clerkship Rotation Patient Care Experiences Policy

Exam Invigilation Procedure

FOM Procedure for Arranging Learner Accommodations

Formative Assessment Policy

Student Promotions Appeal Procedure

Summative Assessment Policy for Phases-1-4

Summative Assessment Procedure for Phase 4

Summative Assessment Procedure for Phases 1-3

Undergraduate Medical Education Deferred Examination Assessment