Policies and Procedures Repository

Using the Repository

Policies may be browsed in three ways. Click on the "Category" tab to browse, click on the "A-Z listing tab to browse alphabetically by title or click on the "By Date" to browse by date of approval.

The list of associated Procedures for each policy can be viewed by clicking on the + button or can be collapsed by clicking on the – button (within Browse by Category and A-Z).

If there are policies and procedures which you access more frequently than others, you can create a Favourites list. When a policy or procedure is displayed, at the top of the text, “Add to Favourites” appears. Click on that. To view your Favourites, use the Favourites tab on the Browse feature.

There, you’ll see the policies and the procedures which you chose to include in your Favourites lists. On this page, you may remove a policy or a procedure from your Favourites list.

Downloading Policies

When a policy is displayed, at the top of the text, “Save as Word document” appears which allows for the downloading of the text. The text is created as a table, with large typeface for the title and sections and extensive spacing between paragraphs. Some people find it easier to work with the document after the following adjustments within Word:

  • Use the “Convert to Text” feature under the Data section of the Layout menu to remove the table formatting.
  • Use the “Spacing” feature under the Page Layout menu to reduce spacing between sections.
  • Reduce and/or change the typeface under the Font menu. “Select All” provides a quick way to accomplish that.

Please note that while policies may be downloaded, the online version is the only official version for each policy and any related procedures.

This Faculty of Medicine repository constitutes the official versions of policies, procedures and guidelines. Browse policies here: