Experience Ventures creates paid entrepreneurial thinking placements for college and university students with innovative companies in Canada. Our goal is to inspire your creativity, resiliency and future vision so you can seize your future with the right skill set.

What is an entrepreneurial thinking placement?

Entrepreneurial thinking is being creative in finding innovative solutions. It involves taking initiative, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, being resourceful and learning from experience. It’s essential to enriching lives and advancing society.

An entrepreneurial thinking placement is a structured, short term paid opportunity with a startup or social venture that has partnered with a student’s school. The goal is to empower students to develop and apply entrepreneurial thinking skills aimed at making them future ready.

How does it work?
  • Experience Ventures offers entrepreneurial thinking placements with new companies that have partnered with Memorial University.
  • Students interested in participating in Experience Ventures are required to submit a two-step application.
  • After acceptance, the student completes an onboarding process before participating in the entrepreneurial thinking opportunity.
  • After completing the opportunity, the student completes an evaluation and receives the compensation for their placement.

Experience Ventures is structured and short-term to complement a student’s field of academic study and fit into busy course loads.

What are the benefits to students?

As a student, Experience Ventures placements will enable you to:

  • Apply in-class learning to the challenges and opportunities facing ventures.
  • Explore Canada’s evolving innovation economy.
  • Network and meet industry leaders and employers.
  • Discover the latest technologies being incubated in Canada.
  • Enhance your resume with a unique experience.
  • Develop your work-ready skills.
  • Receive financial compensation (up to $825) for your placement.
Who is eligible to participate?

Any student from any discipline and faculty who is:

  • Enrolled in any full- or part-time Undergraduate or Master's program of post-secondary study;
  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act;
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations;
  • Complete an onboarding module before beginning the experience.
How do you apply?

Contact for more information about the available opportunities this semester.


What is the compensation?
The compensation is based on which placement you partake in. Please contact for more detailed information.

Do I get academic credit for this experience?
An Experience Ventures opportunity is a short-term entrepreneurial thinking opportunity that can take many formats and should be related to what you’re studying. A placement is not officially tied to your curriculum and does not qualify as such.

How is this different from a job?
Experience Ventures offers short term paid entrepreneurial thinking placements. The length of each placement and payment terms will vary from school to school, so please contact Experience Ventures for more detailed information.

How is this different from a formal “Work Integrated Experience” like a co-op term?
A co-op term is officially a “Work Integrated Learning” experience, for which you get academic credit. An Experience Ventures opportunity is short-term, and can take many formats and should be related to what you are studying. A placement is not officially tied to your curriculum and does not qualify as such.

Can I still participate if no formal experiential learning is part of my program?
Yes, absolutely! As long as you meet the basic eligibility requirements, you can apply to Experience Ventures.

Can this lead to a part-time or full-time job?
Potentially! By participating in Experience Ventures, you’re taking a big step towards building your professional network and learning how to build relationships with different types of individuals in the innovation community. Networking and relationship-building are key success factors in looking for a full-time job after graduation.

Can I do more than one Experience Ventures placement?
No, the program is currently limited to one paid placement per student.