Identify early talent

For Canada’s startups and social ventures, identifying the right talent – and the right mindset – is a priority. Your future depends on it.

Experience Ventures works with you to create entrepreneurial thinking placements for students from top-ranked colleges and universities.

Students are paid through Experience Ventures. You are asked to provide in-kind support, such as your time or expertise.

What kind of companies can benefit most from experience ventures?
  • Startups and social ventures.
  • New companies seeking ways to connect easily with student talent.
  • Companies needing specific input for a project or initiative but can’t commit to long-term positions for students.
How does it work?
  • Experience Ventures entrepreneurial thinking placements offer new companies a structured and dynamic way to engage with students through real world challenges.
  • Participating companies are asked to make an in-kind contribution unique to each school in lieu of payment to students. These can include any of the following:
    • Time/salary
    • Space offered for an entrepreneurial thinking placement
    • Equipment or materials provided for the experience
    • Job and skills training
    • Student expenses (their participation in paid industry events, etc.)
  • Students are paid through Experience Ventures for their participation. The amount varies by school, and depends on what type of entrepreneurial thinking placement the school offers.
What are the benefits to your company?

Experience Ventures placements will enable you to:

  • Engage students with minimum impact on your time and resources.
  • Diversify the talent pool that seeks to work in social impact and/or tech innovation.
  • Recruit early talent to your local innovation economy.
  • Contribute to the success of your campus-linked incubator.
  • Tap into the different insights and perspectives of students.
  • Evaluate prospective talent.
  • Give your up-and-coming team members the opportunity to develop their managerial skill set.

How do you apply?
Contact to chat about your interest in Experience Ventures


Is funding available to us?
No funding or wage subsidies are connected to this program, but you are not obligated to compensate students. Students will get paid for their participation in an entrepreneurial thinking placement with you through their schools, with Experience Ventures funding.

In lieu of paying students, you are asked to provide an in-kind contribution, such as time, office space, equipment or materials.

How is this different from a formal “Work Integrated Experience” like a co-op term?
A co-op term is officially a “Work Integrated Learning” experience, for which students get academic credit. An Experience Ventures opportunity is a short-term, entrepreneurial thinking placement that can take many formats and should be related to what students are studying. It is not officially tied to a student’s curriculum and does not qualify as such.

Can I participate in both the Experience Ventures opportunity and the Student Work Placement Program?
Yes, you may participate in both programs.

How many students can I bring in as part of the program?
The number of students you can bring into Experience Ventures will be determined by your college or university.