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A picture of Jan Mertlik, one of our startup coachesEmily Bland holding growing basil plant.
 Jan Mertlik   Emily Bland  Andy Fisher 
 Expertise: tech sector.   Expertise: Social enterprises and agriculture sector. Expertise: Medtech 


A picture of Ed Martin, MCE's Director   
Ed Martin  Rachel Pautler 
Expertise: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Education/Edtech, Entertainment  Expertise: Healthcare, education, and climate change prevention. 



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Emily Bland

CEO, SucSeed

Emily is the CEO of SucSeed, a social enterprise startup that exists to bring hydroponics into classrooms, homes and communities to encourage a simple and easy environmentally sustainable practice that is delicious and rewarding. To date their gardens are used in over 600 classrooms across Canada, educating 15,000 students each year!

Book a meeting with Emily if you are looking to explore a startup idea, to have a chat with someone who has been there or to chat about your personal experience as a student-entrepreneur.

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Jan Mertlik

CEO and Co-Founder, Get Coding

Jan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Get Coding, a St. John's based tech training organization that aims to create the world's most accessible and effective technical education and increase the tech talent pool in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Book a meeting with Jan if you are looking to get started and want to have a chat with someone who has been there. Or if you just want to chat about your new startup idea!

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Rachel Pautler 

Student Entrepreneurship Coach, UWVelocity

Rachel is a Student Entrepreneurship Coach at UWVelocity who, over the past five years, managed various teams that brought software, hardware, and life science products into the market. Rachel is passionate about solving challenges in industries such as education, climate change prevention, and healthcare.

Book a meeting with Rachel if you want to get started and would like to have a chat with someone about your idea.

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Ed Martin

Director, MCE

Ed is Director of MCE. He was previously the President and CEO of education technology startup Clockwork Fox Studios. Clockwork Fox’s marquee product, Zorbit’s Math Adventure, is a learning platform for primary math that is used my hundreds of thousands of students and teachers across North America. Clockwork Fox was acquired by US-based Carnegie Learning in 2021. Ed is also an award-winning filmmaker, wrote and produced kids TV series and travel documentaries, and founded MUN’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders when he was an undergrad.

Book a meeting with Ed if you are looking for guidance on how to get started or progression in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Andy Fisher

Entrepreneur in Residence, Bounce Health Innovation

Andy is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at Bounce. He was previously the Chief Product Officer at the medtech startup BreatheSuite, which created an FDA/Health Canada cleared device to monitor adherence and technique of inhaler usage (asthma & COPD). Andy spent many years in the Faculty of Engineering at Memorial teaching students and local businesses about product and process design and development.

Book a meeting with Andy if you would like to someone about your healthcare innovation or medtech ideas.

Email Andy to book a meeting with him.