Course Descriptions


  1. Common Core Mathematics Courses
  2. Applied Mathematics Courses
  3. Applied and Pure Mathematics Courses
  4. Pure Mathematics Courses
  5. Pure Mathematics and Statistics Courses
  6. Statistics Courses

Common Core Mathematics Courses

The following list consists of courses which are required by more than one of the department's programs together with MATH 2090 (Mathematics of Finance), a general elective math course.

MATH 1000Calculus I
MATH 1001Calculus II
MATH 1050Finite Mathematics I
MATH 1051Finite Mathematics II
MATH 1090Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 2000Calculus III
MATH 2050Linear Algebra I
MATH 2051Linear Algebra II
MATH 2090Mathematics of Finance
MATH 3000Real Analysis I
MATH 3001Real Analysis II
MATH 4000Lebesgue Integration
MATH 4001Functional Analysis

Applied Mathematics Courses

MATH 2130Technical Writing in Mathematics
MATH 3100Introduction to Dynamical Systems
MATH 3111Applied Complex Analysis
MATH 3132Numerical Analysis I
MATH 3161Ordinary Differential Equations II
MATH 4130Introduction to General Relativity
MATH 4133Numerical Optimization
MATH 4160Partial Differential Equations I
MATH 4162Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
MATH 4170Partial Differential Equations II
MATH 4180Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
MATH 4190Mathematical Modelling
MATH 419A/BApplied Mathematics Honours Project

Applied and Pure Mathematics Courses

MATH 2260Ordinary Differential Equations I
MATH 3202Vector Calculus
MATH 3210Introduction to Complex Analysis
MATH 3240Applied Graph Theory
MATH 4230Differential Geometry
MATH 4252Quantum Information and Computing
MATH 4280-4290Special Topics in Pure and Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics Courses

MATH 2320Discrete Mathematics
MATH 3300Set Theory
MATH 3303Introductory Geometric Topology
MATH 3320Abstract Algebra
MATH 3331Projective Geometry
MATH 3340Introductory Combinatorics
MATH 3370Introductory Number Theory
MATH 4300General Topology
MATH 4310Complex Function Theory
MATH 4320Ring Theory
MATH 4321Group Theory
MATH 4340Combinatorial Analysis
MATH 4341Combinatorial Designs
MATH 4370Number Theory
MATH 439A/BPure Mathematics Honours Project

Pure Mathematics and Statistics Courses

STAT 3410Probability and Statistics
STAT 3411Statistical Inference I
STAT 4402Stochastic Processes
STAT 4410Statistical Inference II

Statistics Courses

STAT 1510Statistical Thinking and Concepts
STAT 2500Statistics for Business and Arts Students
STAT 2501Further Statistics for Business and Arts Students
STAT 2550Statistics for Science Students
STAT 2560Further Statistics for Science Students
STAT 3520Experimental Design I
STAT 3521Regression
STAT 3540Time Series I
STAT 3570Reliability and Quality Control
STAT 3585Computational Statistics
STAT 4520Experimental Design II
STAT 4530Survey Sampling
STAT 4540Time Series II
STAT 4550Nonparametric Statistics
STAT 4560Continuous Multivariate Analysis
STAT 4561Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 4581Quantitative Methods in Biology
STAT 4590Statistical Analysis of Data
STAT 459A/BStatistics Honours Project




Mathematics and Statistics

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