Creating and managing sections and menus

Creating Sections and managing Menus can be the hardest part of building your Site Builder website.

In the Admin tab, Sections is where you create a new section/folder for your website. Menus is where you connect pages that you've created in those folders back to the folders to link together your website.

Anyone can create and publish a page in the Content tab. However, only local administrators can create sections/folders and link pages in Menus under the Admin section of Site Builder. If you are not a local administrator, you will need to ask someone who is to set these up. (If you do not know who is a local administrator for a site, contact us to find out.)

In this area of the Site Builder User Guide, you will learn how to create a new section, the importance of creating an index page for that section, and how to link everything together using menus.

There are two types of menu items:

  • Main navigation menu items
    • These are items that appear in the top level of your menu and usually make up the main navigation of your site. (the highest level) an example of a main navigation bar in Site Builder
  • Submenu items
    • these are items that appear under another menu item (they require more than one click to locate) an example of a submenu item

Your approach will be different depending where you want to add a menu item. Adding a main navigation menu item is the most straightforward, while adding a submenu item requires extra considerations. 

Before you can do any linking, however, you must first create a new section on your website.

Common menu issues:


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