Web Content Management System Training & Support

Websites on mun.ca are managed using either the Site Builder or Terminalfour (T4) web content management system (WCMS). If you need support or training for either of these systems, click the appropriate link below: 

Support for your existing site

We have prepared an online user guide to walk you through to process of editing content, menus, widgets and more on your website. These guides are designed to empower you to independently update your site:

However, if you have consulted these user guides and still need assistance, you can book a drop-in clinic for support

During your drop-in clinic, a WCMS specialist will work with you, 1 on 1, to resolve the issue you're having or teach you a specific new skill.

Note: These drop-in clinics are currently being offered virtually over WebEx, and will be booked first come, first served. These clinics are intended for users already trained in Site Builder or T4. If you are a new user, please register for Site Builder or T4 training before booking a drop-in clinic. 

Training for Site Builder
Basic training for Site Builder

If you need to make basic changes to existing pages on your unit's website –register for basic training. Once you have registered, we email you an online basic training module. This consists of a 20-minute instructional video, and a 10-minute assignment to test what you’ve learned. Once you successfully complete this training assignment, we can add you as a basic user to your unit's website.

Admin training for Site Builder

Administrator training, previously known as advanced training, is designed for existing Site Builder users who will be responsible for managing a website. Once you complete Admin training, you will have permissions and access a basic user does not have, that allow you to create or delete sections of a site, edit site menus and manage user permissions for a site.

To become a site admin, you must register for admin training and complete the online training module, which focuses on how to build, maintain and modify your website's structure, and how to add and manage users on your website. It consists of a video tutorial and assignment. Once you successfully complete this assignment, we can make you a local admin for your website.

Training for T4
There are two user types in T4:
  1. Contributors, who can make basic edits to existing pages on a site. The changes a contributor makes make will not publish and appear on a site until a moderator approves and publishes those changes.
  2. Moderators, who can edit existing pages on their site, add new pages to their site, modify menus, and are in general responsible for maintaining a site. Only a moderator can approve and publish changes on a site. 
T4 Contributor Training

We are currently offering a self-directed, online contributor training module so moderators can acquire assistance with updates to their site. Before being added to a site as a contributor, a person must register for T4 Contributor Training and successfully complete this training exercise.

T4 Moderator Training

Websites in T4 are limited to a maximum of 3 moderators. Units must decide who these moderators will be. In order to ensure that the T4 project team can stay focused on supporting active site migrations from Site Builder to T4, in-person training for site moderators will be limited to 1 moderator per site. We are currently developing a moderator training module, so a site can add their additional 1 or 2 moderators once their site launches in T4. We will update this page when our moderator training module is available.