Terminalfour web content management system

The second phase of Memorial’s web transformation project is the implementation of a new and improved web content management system (WCMS), Terminalfour (T4).

All Site Builder websites that use the latest web template will be migrated to T4 in phases, beginning with a pilot group of 10 sites. The pilot phase is scheduled to begin in April 2021. 

Switching to a more modern, user-friendly and vendor-supported WCMS will provide new features and functionality to WCMS users, empowering them to make changes to their sites more easily, frequently and independently.

Please review the T4 transition process below or refer to the frequently asked questionssection for additional details. 

T4 migration at a glance

T4 project flowchart

T4 training 

The project team will contact primary content owners or local administrators at least four weeks prior to the scheduled migration of  their Site Builder website to discuss suitable dates for training and site migration. At this time, T4 user training is being offered to one individual per unit/website to facilitate the quick transition of Site Builder websites into T4. 

Content migration

Site Builder websites will be migrated in boarding groups and selected based on their size and complexity. Sites will be broadly categorized into the following groups:

  • Boarding group 1a: pilot group of 10 sites including the main, hub and a sample of administrative and student-centric websites.
  • Boarding group 1b: key administrative unit and pan-university project websites.
  • Boarding group 2: remaining administrative unit websites.
  • Boarding group 3: faculty/school and departmental sites. Academic units’ sites will be migrated between semesters to reduce disruption to services and/or remote learning.
  • Boarding group 4: faculty profile websites.
  • Boarding group 5: all remaining websites.

Content will be automatically migrated from Site Builder site to T4. The project team will configure your site and conduct an initial review to ensure all content has been migrated. 

Site review and launch

Primary content owners will be able to review and update content on their sites after the training and migration process is complete. The project team will also assist with resolving migration-related issues. It is recommended that sites launch in T4 within two to four weeks after migration, as content updates cannot be made during the active migration period. Following the T4 site launch, the Site Builder version of the website will go dormant, and WCMS users will use T4 as their web content management system.