Web Content Management System Training

Websites on mun.ca are currently managed using Site Builder, Memorial’s in-house web content management system (WCMS).

WCMS training sessions are currently being offered virtually.

To register for basic or administrator training, or to book a drop-in clinic, please use the registration form.

Note: Registration is required for all sessions.

Are you looking to create a new website?

Please complete the Marketing and Web Request for Services Form and provide us with some details. We will be in touch within five business days or sooner to discuss your website requirements and help you get started.

Basic training

Learn how to update and maintain your website

If you would like to make basic changes to your unit's website – such as adding or deleting text, images, or videos – sign up for basic training.

After you have registered, we will ask you to complete our 30-minute basic training module. This consists of a 20-minute instructional video, and a 10-minute assignment to test what you’ve learned. Once you successfully complete this training assignment with an acceptable passing score, we will add you as a user to your unit's website, so you can make basic changes to existing pages.

Register for Basic Training

Website administrator training

Learn how to build and manage your website

Administrator training, previously known as advanced training, is designed for existing Site Builder users who will be responsible for managing a website. You will require local administrator status in order to create or delete sections, link pages within a website’s navigation and manage user permissions for a site.

This training module focuses on how to build, maintain, and change your website structure, and how to add and manage users on your website. It consists of a video tutorial and assignment. Once you successfully complete this assignment with a passable score, we can make you a local admin for your website.

Register for Administrator Training

Web best practices

How to get the most out of your website

To get the most out of your website, we strongly recommend you review the Web Content Best Practices section of our Site Builder User Guide. This section provides a brief overview of important concepts like writing for the web, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), accessibility considerations, mobile-friendliness and more.

Site Builder support

For additional web support and troubleshooting tips, visit our Site Builder User Guide.
If you still need assistance, please use the Marketing and Web Request for Services Form to request assistance, or book a time for a one-on-one session at a drop-in clinic (see details below).

Drop-in clinic

If you have a specific question about Site Builder, or you require some one-on-one time with a Site Builder expert, register for a Site Builder drop-in clinic.

These drop-in clinics are currently being offered virtually over WebEx, and will be booked first come, first served.

Please note that these clinics are intended for users already trained in Site Builder. If you are a new Site Builder user, please register for the Basic Training session.