Alex Sawatzky

Alex Sawatzky headshot
Alex Sawatzky, PhD
Adjunct Professor, School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies

Alex Sawatzky, PhD (Settler, she/her), is an interdisciplinary researcher and artist who collaborates with communities, researchers, and organizations to co-create and mobilize knowledge. She engages visual methods and tools that are driven by relational approaches to research, centering community voices and knowledge to ensure research, and research communication works with and for the people it serves to benefit.

For the past six years, Alex has been working in partnership with Inuit in Labrador on community-led climate change adaptation projects. During her PhD, she worked with the community of Rigolet to develop the foundation for a place-based, Inuit-led environment and health monitoring system that works with and for Inuit.

Alex also owns and operates her own freelance art and design practice, specializing in mobilizing science and research into visual forms, and enhancing science communication. She currently lives in Guelph, Ontario with her partner and dog.

Learn more about Alex’s art and design practice here
Twitter:  @_asawatzky