For clarification

The decision to have midterm break go ahead does not imply this will be a long strike.

Memorial made the decision for midterm break to go ahead in order to provide a break for those students and instructors whose courses are continuing this semester, and to also accommodate students and per course instructors who may need to make plans including travel.

A solution was found for nursing placements because the Faculty of Nursing has a unique structure, not because other placements are deemed less important.

Supervision to some nursing students (4516, section 1) is being provided by non-union academic leadership who are also registered nurses. This was necessary to ensure that there is no further risk of a delay in providing nursing resources to the province’s health care system.

The Faculty of Nursing program has a different structure than most other schools and faculties because of their dual clinical and teaching components. They also had several qualified administrators that could temporarily assist with the delivery of this clinical course.

All programs are important and are negatively impacted by the MUNFA strike. Due to different legislation/accreditation standards that prescribe who can supervise workterm/practicums, it is not possible to continue all work experiences. We recognize that this is particularly challenging for senior students who have employment opportunities post-graduation that require these work experiences to be complete. Memorial will do everything in its power to ensure students are able to complete their semester.