This short tutorial explains how to use the search function and table displayed on the course disruptions webpage.

Highlighted below are three key sections of the table:

  1. This dropdown box allows you to select how many results are displayed in your results table.
  2. This text box allows you to search the listings for a specific course section.
  3. These bolded headers of the table allow you to sort the resulting table. Clicking on a header will sort the results by that column.  Clicking the header twice will reverse that search.  You will notice a dark gray triangle indicating how the table is currently sorted

Image showing search boxes


The image below shows the results of a search, and additional features of the results table are highlighted.  When searching, you can enter multiple items to search for.  To do so, you simply add in each item separated by a space.  As you can see below, the search is for all biology course sections where the course number is 1002.  The various parts of this image are:

  1. This is the search terms that is causing the table to be filtered. The search box searches all fields of the table, so the search term of biol 1002 is searching the Subject and Number columns for those results.  Erasing the search terms, or clicking the X (not shown) in the Search box will set the table back to display all courses.
  2. At the bottom of the table, you will see the number of results returned. This line shows you how many results are shown, how many were found through your search, and how many total exist in the whole table.
  3. These links allow you to move forward and back through the data set. If there are more entries than can be shown on the page, you will be able to move forward and back through the pages of entries.  In the example below, there are two pages of results.  The Previous, Next, or 1 and 2 links will update the display, showing you the results of your search.

Image showing how to filter search results