Course Disruptions

The table below lists all course sections taught at Memorial and their status during labour action.

Use the Search box to find your course section (i.e. BIOL 1002). For the search to be effective, use a combination of the subject code (BIOL, FREN, ENGI, BUSI, etc.) AND your course number (1000, 2005). If you are not sure of your course section number or CRN, you can find it in Memorial Self-Service. 

Once a course is searched, it will result in these outcomes:

  • Course sections taught by MUNFA instructors or course sections impacted by labour action are listed as Paused. This means that course section will not go ahead while a strike is ongoing.
  • Course sections not impacted by labour action will have the status of Continuing. These courses will go ahead as originally planned. This includes course sections that were originally delivered online, already being remotely delivered, or being delivered in some hybrid mode. 
  • Course sections where the instructors have indicated a change to the delivery method from in person to remote delivery will have the status of Continuing (Remote). Your instructor will communicate any changes to your course delivery with you, and this table will be updated when we are informed by academic departments. If you are unsure of your course delivery mode, reach out to your instructor for confirmation.
  • Some course sections that may not be listed, or if the impact is determined by the department, will be listed as Check with Department. In this case, students should reach out to the academic department through this contact list.

If there is an omission or error in the listing of your course section, please reach out to your academic department contact for clarification.

Learn more about how to search and navigate this tableNote: If you are viewing this table on a mobile device, certain columns may be initially hidden. Clicking on the + icon on the left of the row will display all the data available for that row.