Guide to Fellowships


Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)

General Information

ISER Purpose and Mandate

The purpose of the Institute shall be to undertake, sponsor and publish social, cultural, and economic research within such disciplines and in such parts of the world as are deemed of relevance to Newfoundland and Labrador and the broader Atlantic world. Without limiting the generality of the above, research pertaining directly to social, cultural, and economic development in Newfoundland and Labrador shall be of special importance.

Memorial Universiy Press

ISER runs an active publications programme, publishing research directly related to our mandate.

Seminars and Conferences

ISER sponsors seminars and conferences on topics that fall under its research mandate.


The ultimate responsibility for the affairs of the Institute is vested in the Executive Committee. The Director assumes the responsibility for the day-to-day affairs of the Institute and provides leadership for the activities of the Institute. An Administrative Assistant works with the Director.  Memorial University Press is under the direction of a Managing Editor. The Managing Editor works closely with the Academic Editor and Publications Assistant.

More information on Memorial University Press is available on the Memorial University Press page.


Categories of Fellowships

Please note that awards in any category may not be granted in every competition.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Post-Doctoral Fellowships are available on a competitive basis to researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland or elsewhere who have completed their doctorate and have presented a research proposal which falls under the research mandate of ISER.

The doctoral degree must have been completed within the three-year period immediately preceding the application deadline date.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships are awarded for up to one year and Research Fellows must be in residence at Memorial during the tenure of the fellowship.  An ISER Post-Doctoral fellowship may not be held concurrently with any other Post-Doctoral fellowship.

Doctoral Fellowship

Doctoral Fellowships are available on a competitive basis to candidates who are enrolled in a full-time doctoral programme at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Fellowships are awarded specifically for the carrying out of the candidate’s doctoral research on a topic which falls under the mandate of the Institute.

At the time of application deadline date candidates must have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree, other than the dissertation. Doctoral Fellowships are awarded for one year.  An ISER Doctoral fellowship may not be held concurrently with any other Doctoral Fellowship.

All proposals for ISER Doctoral Fellowships must first be approved by the candidate’s Head of Department or Graduate Coordinator.

Masters Fellowship

Masters Fellowships are available on a competitive basis to students at Memorial University of Newfoundland who are enrolled in a Masters programme and involved in a research project which falls under the Institute’s mandate (see page 1). Candidates must have completed two semesters of full-time course work or the equivalent.

Masters Fellowships are awarded for up to one year.

All proposals for the Masters Fellowships must first be approved by the candidate’s Head of Department or Graduate Coordinator.


Fellowship applications are adjudicated by the ISER Awards Panel. The Awards Panel’s recommendations must be approved by the Executive Committee.


Unsuccessful applicants may resubmit, in the next competition, a revised application which addresses the concerns of the Awards Panel. It will be adjudicated in accordance with normal procedures.

Applications - Fellowships

Application Forms

Links to application forms are found on this webpage listed under each category in which funding is available. 

Deadlines and Announcements

Deadline date for applications is March 1 of each year.

Awards are typically announced by mid-April.

Materials Required

The following materials must accompany an application form:

- Curriculum vitae of the applicant and any other personnel involved in the research project.

- A research proposal consisting of a maximum of three typewritten pages (single-spaced, 12 pt. font).

- Applicants for a Masters or Doctoral Fellowship must submit an official or unofficial transcript of grades from the previous two semesters.

- One confidential letter of appraisal (link for form located elsewhere on this page).


All applications must be signed by the following:

- The applicant
- Head of Academic Unit or Graduate Officer

After submission, the Director of ISER will also review, approve, and internally sign HSS applications.

Eligibility of Proposals

All research proposals must fall under the research mandate of the Institute.

Value and Payment of Fellowships


Fellows must commence their fellowships in the fiscal year in which the award is made.  No extensions will be granted.  

Fellowship Payments

The fellowship shall be paid in equal, bi-weekly instalments. 

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Refer to Current Rates for Fellowships and Grants.

Doctoral Fellowship: Refer to Current Rates for Fellowships and Grants.

Masters Fellowship: Refer to Current Rates for Fellowships and Grants.

In addition to the basic Fellowship, ISER Research Fellows may be allowed certain travel and research expenses.  (See guide to ISER Research Grants)

Research Expenses

Research Fellows may apply to ISER for research funds in the regular annual competition.

Research Fellows Responsibilities

Fellowship Period

The Fellowship holder must commence the fellowship in the fiscal year in which the award is made. If research is not commenced, the candidate must reapply in another competition.  No extensions will be granted.

The effective dates of a Fellowship will be stated in the letter of appointment from the Director.


The holder of a Fellowship of any description shall be accountable to the Administrative Officer of ISER for the proper disposition of funds.

Terms and Conditions of Holding a Fellowship

The terms of a Fellowship shall be stated in the letter of appointment from the Director of ISER. ISER reserves the right to terminate any Fellowship on the grounds that the planned research has not been carried out within agreed time limits, or in accordance with agreed terms for which the original research proposal was accepted and the letter of appointment shall be evidentiary.  Before such action is taken the holder of the award has the right to one month’s notice.

Written Materials

Copies of any written materials produced as a result of ISER’s financial support must acknowledge the Institute.   

Guidelines For Research Involving Human Subjects

Research at Memorial University is subject to ethical approval granted by the Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research (ICEHR). For the most recent information on Memorial University’s ethics policies and procedures, please check the university’s website

Applicants from Memorial University where required, must obtain ICEHR approval for their research. Applicants from outside Memorial University should also seek ICEHR approval or provide evidence of such approval from their own institutions.