There are several items that need to be concluded prior to departure.

Approval of Courses

Before you leave, you must seek approval for the courses that you wish to take abroad with your faculty and the Office of the Registrar. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Research the course offerings at the partner school and identify the courses you wish to take.
  2. Collect the detailed descriptions or course syllabus for each course you are seeking. Contact your exchange coordinator for assistance with course selection. 
  3. Complete the Office of the Registrar's Letter of Permission with the courses that you hope to take. 

The office of the registrar will link with your department to ensure course module transferrability. 

Visas and Permits

Each country is unique in its visa requirements. Allow at least 3-4 months to prepare for your study permit or visa applications for your host country. This may involved sending your passport to the appropriate embassy or consulate within Canada. It also may involve you having to fly to Halifax, Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa for permit processing. The more time you have, the less expensive this process will be.

  • To begin, the IATA Travel Centre may given you some broad strokes in terms of what permit or visa might be required.
  • Global Affairs Canada has a list of consular missions in Canada, so you can research the particular country to which you are going for more information. 

Pre-Departure Consultation

All students engaging in an exchange semester must participate in a pre-departure consultation with a mobility (exchange) coordinator. At this session topics covered will include:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Safety and risk assessments
  • Personal health, safety, and well-being while abroad
  • Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Memorial's requirements for students travelling abroad.

You will want to complete your consultation at least 4-6 weeks prior to departure, as there will be items discussed in the consultation that you may need to take care of prior to departure.

To book your consultation, please email 

Registration for Courses

Undergraduate students travelling abroad will register for two "courses" while abroad:

  1. INTE 3999 XXX 
  2. MOBI 1000

The INTE course initiates the tuition charge for your semester abroad. Remember, your tuition fees will be paid to Memorial and not to the partner institution. 

The Mobility 1000 course is an online module course (no cost, no credit) that provides you with information resources that you can access while you are abroad (safety, health, risk, etc.). 

If you change either the number of courses or the nature of courses while abroad, a new letter of permission will be required AND a new INTE 3999 course change form will be required.