Funding your learning abroad experience can be challenging. Here, we have compiled some scholarships that are available and a variety of budgeting resources to support your journey and give you some realistic perspectives on what it might cost to engage in a learning abroad experience. 


Through Memorial University, the following scholarship lists may be relevant to you:

  1. Scholarships for students going on exchange
  2. Scholarships for students going to Harlow Campus
  3. The Killam Fellowship (study abroad in the United States)
  4. General scholarships for current students at Memorial
  5. Fellowships available through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

From time to time, institutions, partners, and external agencies advertise scholarship opportunities through the Internationalization Office. These are listed below. Please see the relevant information in "guidelines" for more information about deadlines and eligibility criteria. 

Commonwealth Scholarship Plan - India Guidelines 
Canada-China Scholars - Exchange Program Guidelines
Commonwealth Scholarship Plan - New Zealand Guidelines
Foreign Government Awards - Korea Guidelines
Foreign Government Awards - Mexico Guidelines
Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarships Program Guidelines
Organization of American States (OAS) - Professional Development Scholarships Program Guidelines
Canada-Brazil Awards: Joint Research Projects Guidelines
IYIP Programs (MI, ACIC) Guidelines
UNESCO Fellowships Guidelines
Bayer CropScience Scholarship for Future Leaders in Agriculture Guidelines 
Conocophillips Canada Centennial Guidelines
Fessenden-Trott Scholarship Guidelines
Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship at Harvard University Guidelines
Horatio Alger Canada Scholarship Program Guidelines
L'Oréal Canada For Women in Science Guidelines
Mattinson Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities Guidelines
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Scholarship Programs Guidelines
Nexen Oil Sands Scholarship Guidelines
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund for Study in a Second Official Language Award Guidelines
TD Scholarships for Community Leadership Guidelines
The C.D. Howe Scholarship Endowment Fund National Engineering Scholarship Guidelines
Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master's Program Guidelines
Youth Education Program - International Business Scholarships Guidelines 
SSHRC Scholarships and Post-Doctoral Fellowships Guidelines


In general, the cost of learning abroad will usually be more than a semester at Memorial University. However, it might not be as much as you think. Here is an example:

Tuition $1332 Tuition is paid to Memorial (CAN tuition)
Fees $360 Ancillary Fees are paid to Memorial
Fees $200 Some schools have minimal additional fees
Health Insurance $250 Additional International Health Insurance may be required if not sufficiently covered
Flight $1500-$2500 Depending on Location
Accommodations $600 - $900 / month
Food $500 / month
Transportation $100 - $200 / month
Living Expenses $300 - $600 / month
TOTAL (HIGH) $13442 Depending on location and activities, adding additional health insurance, flight @ $2500
TOTAL (LOW) $9392 A budget estimate, no additional health required, closer location ($1500 flight), participation in less costly activities. 

These budget items are estimates and are very much within your ability to control. Within reason, you can elect for more budget-friendly accommodations, follow google flights for discount flight fares, choose public transit over taxi to facilitate more involvement in activities (or travel) during your exchange. 

To put this in perspective, a typical semester for a Canadian student living on campus will cost about $7000 (excluding flight).

In preparation of a more comprehensive, personalized budget, you may wish to consider these additional items:

  • Travel visa/study permit fees
  • Temporary accommodation upon arrival (if long-term accommodation is not available immediately)
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Internet and phone service
  • Unforeseen expenses (medical care, emergencies, legal or diplomatic costs, lost items etc.)

Sample Living Expenses 

The following tables should give you an estimate of the cost of living associated with a variety of places around the globe. It is not exhaustive, but should serve as a sampling of the variety of living expenses. 

Monthly Expenses Student living on-campus
Accomodation ¥5,900 - ¥20,000
Utilities (gas, electricity, internet) ¥5,000 - ¥8,000
Study expenses ¥8,000
Food ¥30,000
Sundry ¥10,700 - ¥16,200
Shopping ¥5,000 - ¥11,000
Cultural/entertainment ¥10,000 - ¥17,800
Miscellaneous ¥5,000
Total ¥79,600 - ¥116,000
Semester Expenses
Textbooks ¥7,000
Total ¥7,000
Monthly Expenses Student living on-campus
Accomodation €200 - €600
Utilities (gas, electricity, internet) €50 - €100
Laundry (Washer and dryer use) €10 - €20
Groceries €250 - €400
Dining out €100 - €200
Mobile Phone €2 - €30
Shopping €50 - €200
Weekend Activities €50 - €150
Total €712 - €1700
Semester Expenses
Miscellaneous €50
Insurances (Mandatory) €120 - €350
Enrolment fees €184 - €610
Transportation €100 - €275
Total €454 - €1285
Monthly Expenses Student living on-campus
Accomodation 3570SEK
Utilities (gas, electricity, internet) 0SEK (included)
Laundry (Washer and dryer use) 0SEK (included)
Groceries 2000SEK
Dining out 550SEK
Mobile Phone 50SEK - 150SEK
Weekend Activities 500SEK - 1000SEK
Shopping 700SEK - 1400 SEK
Total 7370SEK - 8670SEK
Semester Expenses
Textbooks 300SEK - 900SEK
Health Insurance (Mandatory) 300SEK
Transportation 560SEK
Furnishing (linen, cookware, etc.) 200SEK - 500SEK
Total 1360SEK -2260SEK
Monthly Expenses Student living on-campus
Accomodation £370 - £757
Laundry (Washer and dryer use) £40
Food £180
Mobile Phone £60
Transportation £80
Miscellaneous £80
Total £810 - £1197
Semester Expenses
Textbooks £320 to £740
Weekend Activities £500
Total £820 - £1240
Monthly Expenses Student living on-campus
Accomodation AUD360 - AUD1120
Utilities (gas, electricity, internet) AUD140 - AUD560
Food AUD320 - AUD1120
Mobile Phone AUD80 - AUD220
Transportation AUD60 - AUD220
Activities AUD320 - AUD600
Total AUD1280 - AUD3840
Semester Expenses
Textbooks AUD100 - AUD400
Health Insurance (Mandatory) AUD350
Furnishing (linen, cookware, etc.) AUD50 - AUD250
Total AUD500 - AUD1000
Monthly Expenses Student living off-campus
Accomodation R$650 - R$1000
Utilities (gas, electricity, internet) R$150 - R$300
Laundry (Washer and dryer use) R$150 - R$250
Groceries R$500 - R$900
Dining out R$300 - R$500
Mobile Phone R$40 - R$100
Weekend Activities R$150 - R$400
Shopping R$50 - R$200
Total R$1990 - R$3650
Semester Expenses
Textbooks R$40 - R$70
Transportation R$200 - R$300
Furnishing (linen, cookware, etc.) R$100 - R$200
Total R$340 - R$570
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