A student exchange is a program in which students from a university study abroad at one of our partner institutions. It consists of a formal agreement between the two universities that allows the exchange of students.

Similarly, Memorial University is part of a variety of consortium agreements. For example, the University of the Arctic's north2north mobility program facilitates exchange to a wide number of universities under the umbrella of that agreement. 

How Exchanges Work

Exchange opportunities are based on a quota system. As per the terms of the agreement:

  • We (Memorial) will only send a limited number of students to the partner school each semester (and recieve a limited number of exchange students). 
  • You (as the exchange student) will continue to be registered as a student at Memorial for the duration of your time abroad. You will pay your tuition fees to Memorial University. 
  • You will be responsible for your flights, accommodations, living expenses and some ancillary fees at the partner institution. 
  • The courses taken abroad will transfer back to Memorial as either unspecified electives, or for specific course credit if permission is attained before the semester begins. 

With careful planning, participation in an exchange semester should not impact your graduation date. If you carefully identify the required courses abroad and have the letter of permission approved before you go, the exchange semester should work well with your academic plan.

Facilitating the Exchange 

Memorial University has academic exchange agreements with over 120 universities worldwide. Your exchange coordinator will have a complete listing of all the institutions that are available to you, as specific institutional agreements may be limited to particular faculties (ex: business students only) and levels of study (ex: undergraduate only). Please refer to the corresponding pages depending on your academic discipline:

For all other disciplines, please proceed through the resource pages offered here. 

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