Immigration Advising

Advisors at the IO provide direct advising to international students and are available to answer faculty and staff's questions about student's Canadian immigration requirements, and to consult on policy/program  changes that may impact  students’ immigration status.

Immigration advising is a regulated profession. Only a regulated advisor can answer questions related to Canadian immigration.

  • Questions related to international students and their Canadian immigration status are managed by the Internationalization Office.
  • Questions related to faculty and staff (including post-docs) and their Canadian immigration status is managed by the Office of Faculty Relations

The Immigration Advising Team at the IO advise on issues related to an international students' temporary residence stay (study permits, work permits and visas). We do not advise on permanent residency, citizenship or refugee issues - We can connect students with Provincial Immigration Officers, external immigration lawyers and consultants; and host regular information sessions on the topic of permanent residency.

Ways you can connect with the Immigration Advising Team at the IO:

  1. If you wish to refer a student to get immigration advice:
    1. You can refer them to this link which identifies the 3 points of service.
    2. You can copy or refer emails to
    3. You can contact usand invite us to a meeting with the student. 
  2. If you are inviting a visiting student to Memorial, you and the student can consult with the team to determine what Canadian immigration document the student should apply for. To do this, email us at
  3. Attend an Open Meeting for Faculty and Staff on International Students Immigration Regulations in Canada. For meeting details, email usto receive email invite. 
    1. Wednesday September 28, 2022 12 pm - 1 pm NLT
  4. Invite us to present or consult with your team. Please email uswith all relevant details. 
  5. Email us at