Step 5: Prepare to come

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Once your formal application has been submitted, reviewed and accepted, we can move along to the next steps.

On-Campus Housing

We have two options for on-campus housing:

  1. Dormitory-Style Accommodations - in the Paton College Dormintories you can select to have a shared room (1 roommate) or single room (more costly). Each dormitory has space for approximately 100 students. You share many of the facilities in the dormitory, but you must purchase a meal plan. 
  2. Apartment-Style Accommodations - in the Burton's Pond Apartments you will share an apartment with up to 3 other students. You will have an individual room and share the kitchen, living room and bathroom facilities. You can either cook your own meals or elect to purchase a meal plan.

You must apply to the on-campus housing separately through the online system. You can only apply for housing after you have been accepted for exchange and have your letter of acceptance. 

Course Selection

Approximately six weeks before the start of the semester, course registration will commence. You must have your course selection form reviewed with your home coordinator, signed, and sent to your exchange coordinator at Memorial to facilitate course registration. Any delays in recieving the course selection form may impact attaining your preferred courses. 

Here is how to select your courses:

  1. Download your pdf
  2. Review the courses that will be offered in the semester that you will be coming to Memorial University. The courses from Fall / Winter / Spring are relatively consistent from year to year. Therefore, if you are coming in Winter 2020, for example, the course offerings from Winter 2019 should be similar to what will be available in 2020. 
  3. For course descriptions of the available courses, please refer to the specific Faculty or School in the University Calendar. The course listings will be accessed on the right-hand side of the Faculty or School page under the title "Course Descriptions."
  4. Detailed course syllabi will only be available upon special request
  5. Once the form is complete, please send to

Immigration (Visas, Study Permits)

When travelling to Canada you must consider what document(s) you will need to enter the country and commence your studies or research at Memorial University. This will depend on the country you are travelling from, your home citizenship, the length of your stay in Canada, and the purpose of your stay in Canada amongst other criteria.

In Canada, the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship oversee the regulations necessary for entering and staying in Canada. Only authorized and certified representatives are allowed to give advice on immigrations issues. 

Should you require specific advice about your journey to Memorial, feel free to contact the Internationalization Office's Immigration Advisors ( well in advance of your planned stay in Canada. 

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