Step 4: Apply

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Online Application

To understand the online application as it relates to you, as an exchange student, please watch this video. The textual instructions can be found below.  

We have prepared some helpful hints for the online:

  1. Create a New Application (start here)
  2. In the Undergraduate Section, select "Start Undergraduate Application – International New/Returning or International/Canadian Transfer". Even if you are a graduate student, you must apply as an undergraduate for the purposes of a course-based exchange. (If you are a graduate student coming here for research, please visit the School of Graduate Studies' website for Visiting Students). 
  3. Select your appropriate entry term
  4. Select the appropriate campus
  5. Select area of interest - for the purposes of exchange, you will be "undeclared" so "Humanities and Social Sciences" or "Sciences" will be sufficient (it will not prompt for the additional application. You do not need to complete a faculty-specific application for the purposes of exchange). 
  6. Select major (Unable to declare major is at the bottom of this list)
  7. Select "Undergraduate New Student" from the drop down
  8. Select "Exchange Students - General" under the Category of Admission (or visitor if you are coming as a free-mover / fees-paying visiting student
  9. Enter the exchange code (if applicable)
  10. Enter your MUN ID number (if you have previously applied and have been issued one)
  11. Continue the application completing your demographic information, next of Kin, educational background, etc. 
  12. Complete the application and proceed to the payment page.
  13. On the payment page ENTER YOUR EXCHANGE CODE once again. 
  14. The additional documents required for admission will be sent to your exchange coordinator, NOT directly to the registrar's office (see below).

Required Documents

The application for exchange is relatively straight forward. We will require:

  1. A letter of nomination from your home institution ( sample).
    1. Visiting Students only - A letter of permission to take courses at another university if you are not coming under a formal bilateral agreement.
  2. Proof of English Proficiency (regulations)
  3. Copy of your recent transcripts (course results, in-progress courses, etc.) translated into English
  4. Course Selection Form ( pdf)
  5. A complete online application for admission / readmission (application)

***Items #1, #2 and #3 should be emailed to your Chris Hibbs: 

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