Self-Isolation Locations

You may have several options for your location for self-isolation. Here is a short rubric:
  • New International Students: must self-isolate on campus. There are no exceptions to this (even if you have family in Canada). You must be a registered student (or intend to register) for the spring 2021 semester before you can apply for on-campus self-isolation.
  • New International Students with Families: may self-isolate off-campus. Families must have their off-campus self-isolation location approved by the Arrivals team.
  • Returning International Students: may self-isolate off-campus or on-campus, as (limited) space permits. 
  • New Domestic Students: may self-isolate off-campus or on-campus, as (limited) space permits.
  • Returning Domestic Students: may self-isolate off-campus or on-campus, as (limited) space permits.

Self-Isolation at Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook

You also have the option to self-isolate at the Grenfell Campus residences in Corner Brook. Our colleagues there have prepared an information resource about arrivals and self-isolation in Corner Brook

Self-Isolation at St. John's Campus

Students have two options for self-isolation on St. John's Campus. In the Macpherson College dormitories (Featured below) students can individually self-isolated for the mandatory 14 days.

Students travelling with their families (spouses, partners, children) should prepare to self-isolate off-campus. Students can contact the Family Programs Coordinator or for more information.

To help you understand what your 14-day isolation will look like, we have prepared this resource page with photo and video content. 


Arrival at the St. John's International Airport is nothing too hectic. The airport's size and signage will have you through baggage and out the door in short order. [To get a sense of what the inside of the airport looks like in pre-COVID times, feel free to view our previous arrivals video for international students.]

International Student Arrivals

Once you have completed the arrivals form, the Internationalization Office's Arrivals Coordinator will arrange for an Airport Greeter for all new international students.

Commensurate with the times, our greeters will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure safety and proper social distancing. We ask that you respect their personal space, and continue wearing your masks and maintaining social distance (2 meters / 6 feet) when interacting with our greeters.

The greeter will assist you with acquiring a taxi cab, and call ahead to the residences to ensure they are ready for your arrival.

Macpherson College

exterior MacPherson college

After about a 15 minute drive from the airport, you will arrive at the front doors of Macpherson College, one of Memorial University's newest dormitories. 

reception area macpherson

The Residence Life Team will be waiting for you just inside the double doors.

They will hand you your room key and show you to your room.

The Dormitories

interior facing window dorm room

Inside the room, you will have most of what you need for the next 14 days. It is essential that you do not leave your dorm room under any circumstances. You must contact the arrivals coordinator (Eniola) or the front desk of Macpherson College to request any items you need. 

desk dorm room

Your room will be equipped with bed linens and a welcome package that contains some small items to welcome you (back) to Memorial University. There will be some notes on the desk about the rules and regulations, how to connect to the internet, how to use the phone, etc. 

interior bathroom dorm room

There are additional cleaning supplies in the bathroom. It is recommended to give your room a cleaning once per day, as this will be your home for the next 14 days. There are recycle bins on the wall to sort any materials that can be recycled.

interior room facing door

Our self-isolation peer support team will be in contact with you daily. They will be available to answer any questions, help with any concerns you have, or just be a person with whom you can talk. If you need anything during your stay, please feel free to email


Internationalization Office

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