Self-Isolation Locations

You may have several options for your location for self-isolation. Here is a short rubric:
  • New International Students:
    • On-campus: St. John’s Main campus is now full for early arrivals. But there is still Space at Signal Hill Campus. Grenfell students should refer to the Grenfell section below.
    • Off-campus: If you will be living 0ff-campus, you will be required to self-isolate at either Signal Hill Campus, or one of the approved hotels listed below.
  • New International Students with Families: may self-isolate off-campus. Families must have their off-campus self-isolation location approved by the Arrivals team.
  • Returning International Students: may self-isolate off-campus.
  • New Domestic Students: may self-isolate off-campus.
  • Returning Domestic Students: may self-isolate off-campus.

Self-Isolation at Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook

You also have the option to self-isolate at the Grenfell Campus residences in Corner Brook. Our colleagues there have prepared an information resource about arrivals and self-isolation in Corner Brook. This option is only available to students whose programs are offered at the Grenfell Campus. 

Self-Isolation at St. John's Campus

Students who have a confirmed room booking for Fall 2021 semester - early arrivals on campus are now full. You can still avail of the Signal Hill or Hotel Options if you are not exempt from federal quarantine. Student Residences is not supporting on-campus quarantine plans. It is recommended that you arrive early enough to have an off-campus quarantine plan should you be deemed ineligible for exemption when you arrive in Canada.

All international students need to complete the arrivals form with your flight information and arrival dates.New International Students are required to self-isolate on-campus (Signal Hill Campus or Student Residences) OR at one of the approved hotels listed here. You will be required to complete the arrivals form before you can book your flights and self-isolation stay in St. John's. Hotel Space is limited so it is recommended to check room availability before selecting travel dates or booking flights.

Students travelling with their families (spouses, partners, children) should prepare to self-isolate off-campus. Students can contact for more information.

Self-Isolation at Signal Hill Campus

Memorial University is happy to announce an additional self-isolation and quarantine facility at Signal Hill Campus, starting for arrivals on August 9th, 2021. The cost of this service is subsidized by Memorial, with students paying $39 +15% HST per day, which will be charged to your Memorial Student Account ($19 for room, $20 for food). This includes 3 meals delivered per day, (provided by Red Oak Catering), basic toiletries, and linens.

These rooms are strictly for single students who are expecting to quarantine upon arrival in Canada. Students are not permitted to share a room at Signal Hill Campus. Signal Hill Campus is not providing temporary accommodations for fully vaccinated travelers at this time.

Only students who are not vaccinated, or do not meet the requirements for federal quarantine exemption can avail of self-isolating in the Signal Hill Campus.

To self-isolate/quarantine at Signal Hill Campus a student must:

  1. Have completed the arrivals form, meet the requirements to travel to Canada, and be ready to book their travel on confirmation of room availability at Signal Hill.

  2. Have a functioning cell phone that can send and receive local calls in Canada, including check in calls with Public Health authorities (there are no phones provided in rooms). If you need access to a phone, you should self-isolate/quarantine at an approved hotel.

  3. Be willing to eat the 3 provided meals per day, with the understanding that no outside deliveries are permitted (no other source to obtain food from the community)*.

*Common dietary accommodations (vegetarian, halal, etc.) can be made within reason, but those with severe dietary restrictions, food allergies, intolerances, or preferences should discuss self-isolation options with the self-isolation team ( A sample menu provided by Red Oak Catering is available here.

Students with a current Travel Approval/Hotel Bookings arriving on or after August 9, who would like to switch to Signal Hill Campus:

  • Email and indicate your full name and student number, that you have been approved to travel and stay at a hotel (include your travel dates), but would like to book a room at Signal Hill.

  • Space at Signal Hill Campus is not guaranteed, so please do not cancel your hotel until you have a confirmed room booking at Signal Hill Campus.

  • If you believe you meet all requirements for federal quarantine exemption, you are not required to book a quarantine stay on-campus or at an approved hotel. You must have a quarantine plan that meets federal guidelines for the ArriveCan app, and share your travel plans and quarantine location with the self-isolation team, but this location can be in the community (hotel, Airbnb, rental, etc.).

  • Please do not book a self-isolation/quarantine stay on-campus or at a hotel that you plan on cancelling when you arrive in Canada, as this takes space away from other students who are required to isolate. If you need help with your federal quarantine plan, please contact us at

International Student Arrivals

Once you have completed the arrivals form, the Internationalization Office's Arrivals Coordinator will arrange for an Airport Greeter for all new international students.

Commensurate with the times, our greeters will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure safety and proper social distancing. We ask that you respect their personal space, and continue wearing your masks and maintaining social distance (2 meters / 6 feet) when interacting with our greeters.

The greeter will assist you with acquiring a taxi cab, and call ahead to the residences (if applicable) to ensure they are ready for your arrival.

Additionally, our self-isolation peer support team will be in contact with you daily. They will be available to answer any questions, help with any concerns you have, or just be a person with whom you can talk. If you need anything during your stay, please feel free to email


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