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File No.Date Rec'd DD/MM/YYApplicant TypeSummary of Records RequestedTypeDecisionNo. of PagesResponse Time (business days)Fees
002-17-100-2013/07/20IndividualPresident Vianne Timmons moving expenses.GeneralFull disclosure1100
002-17-99-2006/07/20IndividualEmails sent/received by the President regarding tuition and fees from April 1, 2020 to July 6, 2020.GeneralPartial access18200
002-21-02-2025/06/20BusinessTender TFM- 067-19 (Snow Clearing and Ice Control, St. John’s Main Campus) - submission for low and/or successful bidder.GeneralPartial access22200
003-28-01-2012/06/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalNon-existent records090
013-20-02-2022/05/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access6100
001-13-01-2011/05/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access36300
017-02-19-2011/05/20IndividualEmails since 13 Nov. 2018 re “Addressing Islamophobia in NL Project” including breakdown of funding for this initiative and any official reports or documents created by this project.GeneralPartial access11550
017-02-16-2011/05/20IndividualAmount spent on infrastructure at Grenfell Campus since 2004, including amount associated with each specific project.GeneralFull disclosure1450
017-02-23-2011/05/20IndividualResults of each Board of Regents Alumni elections as far back as records allow.GeneralPublic domain-160
017-02-22-2011/05/20IndividualNumber of students claiming aboriginal ancestry for the past 3 years, whether this is self-declared or status and what the aboriginal groups are for each program at MUN and listing Grenfell Campus separately.GeneralFull disclosure137
017-02-21-2011/05/20IndividualNumber of students in residence and how many are international students vs. Canadian/domestic students by semester for the past 5 years.GeneralFull disclosure7160
017-02-20-2011/05/20IndividualNumber of cases/referrals reported to Sexual Harassment Advisor by year for the last 10 years.GeneralFull disclosure1200
017-02-18-2011/05/20IndividualCollection of Union fees by the university through tuition for past 10 years.GeneralFull disclosure1200
017-02-17-2011/05/20IndividualNumber of international students at Grenfell Campus broken down by program, including country of origin of students.GeneralPartial access1240
017-02-15-2011/05/20IndividualEnrolment numbers for each program (including Graduate Studies) at Grenfell Campus for the past 5 years, including increase or decrease percentages.GeneralFull disclosure1180
017-02-14-2011/05/20IndividualEnrolment numbers for St. John's, Marine Institute and Grenfell Campuses for the past 5 years, including the increase or decrease percentage for each year.GeneralPublic domain-70
015-01-58-2030/04/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalNon-existent records0140
006-07-02-2027/04/20IndividualUsage of Marine Institute's Twitter account to post using the #MyOffshoreMyFuture hashtag.GeneralPartial access26120
1)  Email bearing ATIPP File 007-06-05-18 sent by IAP office (period Oct. 12-31, 2018);
2) Selection of Stewart McKelvey to represent Memorial University (docket 2020 01G 0136) from 27 Jan. 2020 to 6 April 2020;
3) Change of legal counsel (court docket 2020 01G 0136) from 27 Jan. 2020 to 6 April 2020.
GeneralPartial access201700
015-01-56-2018/03/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access83710
010-02-12-2012/03/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access11490
010-02-11-2011/03/20IndividualInformation sent to/from CEP and specified QE II Library staff from Sept. 1, 2019 to March 11, 2020.GeneralPartial access39360
018-05-31-2011/03/20IndividualCorrespondence re “First Year Success” program to/from specified individuals between June 2017 - December 2017.GeneralPartial access18780
018-05-30-2011/03/20IndividualCharges  for modifications/upgrades/conversions/etc. to Student Success Collaborative (SSC) from June 27, 2017 to March 11, 2020.GeneralNon-existent records0180
002-17-98-2010/03/20IndividualNotes/information taken during Nov. 2019 budget consultations by the note takers.GeneralFull disclosure23430
002-17-95-2025/02/20IndividualData re non-academic appeals including total number by year from Jan. 1, 2015 to Feb. 25, 2020.GeneralFull disclosure1100
002-17-94-2025/02/20IndividualCosts re external counsel for non-academic appeals from Jan. 1, 2015 to Feb. 25, 2020.GeneralFull disclosure1370
008-11-01-2024/02/20IndividualRecords regarding transphobic messages posted around St. John's campus in Sept. 2018 from Offices of President, Provost, Vice-President (Academic), Campus Enforcement and Facilities Management.GeneralPartial access37400
013-19-01-2020/02/20IndividualSpace reports from all academic units within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Education, i.e. the exact space allocations for graduate students (both master's and Phd) within each faculty and unit (including the exact square footage of these allocations).GeneralFull disclosure2100
002-17-93-2019/02/20IndividualDeans’ Council meeting minutes, reports, agendas, briefing notes, presentations, and correspondence re tuition fees from Jan. 1, 2019 to Feb. 19, 2020.GeneralPartial access11790
002-17-92-2018/02/20IndividualEmails sent/received by the Provost re budget consultations from Nov. 1, 2019 to Feb. 18, 2020.GeneralNon-existent records0440
002-17-91-2013/02/20IndividualCosts of cell phones issued to staff from Jan. 1, 2010 to Feb. 13, 2020 by year.GeneralFull disclosure15200
020-08-01-2013/02/20IndividiualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access57200
015-01-55-2012/02/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access22190
015-01-54-2011/02/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access40200
012-12-04-2010/02/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access222200
018-05-29-2007/02/20IndividualNumber of students participating in Student Success Collaborative (SSC) and number of faculty/staff using SSC since 2018.GeneralFull disclosure2180
018-05-28-2007/02/20IndividualBreakdown of fees/costs/expenses associated with Student Success Collborative (SSC) since its inception.GeneralPartial access7200
017-02-12-2004/02/20IndividualShort-listed candidates for President of Memorial University in 2019.GeneralPartial access190
017-02-13-2004/02/20IndividualRenaming of Corte Real and decision to transform Corte Real from a student space for Burton's Pond residents into an international student center/recruitment office.GeneralPartial access5180
011-14-01-2004/02/20Business"An Update on the 2004 Pre-Feasibility Study for a Fixed Link between Labrador and the Island of Newfoundland" working files.GeneralNon-existent records070
002-17-89-2030/01/20IndividualEmails sent/received by the Registrar's Office re transcript fee.GeneralPartial access26250
019-16-04-2029/01/20IndividualAppointment letters for specified faculty members in Faculty of Business Administration.GeneralPartial access10200
012-12-03-2028/01/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access712020
015-01-53-2015/01/20Individual1) Legal invoices submitted by Stewart McKelvey regarding services, advice and judgement provided by [named individual], individually or in a team, since 1 Jan. 2017;
2) Records pertaining to selection of Stewart McKelvey to represent Memorial University (docket 2017 01G 6218).
GeneralPartial access28260
020-07-01-2014/01/20IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access8220
002-17-87-2014/01/20IndividualEmails sent/received by the Provost re 2020-21 budget consultations.GeneralPartial access104260
003-27-01-2013/01/20IndividualNumber and discipline of full time appointments/clinical GFT positions (assistant/associate/full professor) awarded or hired within the Faculty of Medicine since 2015.GeneralFull disclosure1200
020-06-02-2006/01/20IndividualTotal spent on graduation ceremony food and drink for 2017, 2018 and 2019 (broken down by campus, semester, and year) for MUN main camus, Marine Institute and Grenfell Campus.GeneralFull disclosure1230


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