Tri-Agency Grant Amendments


As of April 1, 2020, Canadian Federal Agencies CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC, will commence using a new form for processing amendments to existing grants which will require procedural changes at the institutional level. The most significant change instituted by the agencies is the requirement for institutional submission of the amendment form. Grant holders are no longer permitted to submit amendment forms directly; they must receive institutional approval.

Note: This procedure is not to be used for COVID-19 extension requests. For COVID-19 related extensions, please see the procedure outlined on the COVID-19 page at

Changes in Procedure

Research Initiatives and Services (RIS)

In response to this change, Memorial University's Research Initiatives and Services (RIS) office will now submit amendments on behalf of grant holders. In order to facilitate such submissions, RIS requests that researchers use an Amendment Event on the existing file in the Memorial Researcher Portal. In addition to completing the Researcher Portal questions, grant holders must:

HSS Faculty Procedure

Until further notice, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences procedure for grant amendments is as follows:

  1. Applicants should discuss the amendment type and requirements with their department heads.
  2. Complete the Tri-Agency Grant Amendment Form (
    • Note - "Institutional Representative" or "Authorized Official" in Tri-Agency forms indicates an officer designated by Research Initiatives and Services. Such signature areas should remain unfilled.
  3. Applicants email the completed form, along with any supporting documentation, to their Department Heads.
    • Note - Supporting Documentation may include approvals of changes or extensions to commitments (space, course release use, extension of cash contribution availability, etc.).
  4. Department Heads signal their approval in an email to Grants Facilitation Officer ( Heads should attach the completed form and relevant supporting documentation.
    • Note - unless explicitly noted, Department Heads do not sign Tri-Agency amendment forms.
  5. The HSS Grants Facilitation Officer will seek HSS Dean's Office email approval and will provide it to the applicant and Department Head.
  6. The applicant will attach PDFs of the email approvals (Departmental and Faculty), the Tri-Agency Amendment form, and any relevant supporting documentation to a Memorial Researcher Portal Amendment Event, and submit.
  7. RIS will review and forward to the external agency.

Other Resources & Details

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