We're launching a series of webinars for the coming year which focus on specific programs, as well as the challenges and pitfalls of seeking sponsored or funded research through competitive grants or agreements. 

All webinars will be hosted online using Webex; some may be hybrid as the COVID context shifts and permits. 

Tentative Schedule for 2022

SSHRC Partnership Program (Engagement, Development, and Partnership Grant): March 22, 11:00

SSHRC Insight Grants: May 10, 10:30

SSHRC Connection (Individual): May 24 & Nov. 22, 10:30

Memorial Internal - SSHRC Explore & Exchange: June 7 & Dec. 6, 10:30

Grant Writing as a Genre: June 21, 10:30

SSHRC Insight Development Grants: Sept. 13, 10:30

One Project, Multiple Applications: Oct. 4, 10:30

Memorial Internal - SBMF for SSHRC subject matters: Apr. 5 & Oct. 18, 10:30