Strategic Framework

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Strategic Framework (PDF) was approved at the November 7, 2018 Faculty Council meeting. It is anticipated that the Dean’s Office will issue a call for working group membership in January 2019.

[Note: The Strategic Framework does not address research as one of the four identified priority areas. In the consultative process, faculty members and heads did not note research per se as an area that requires attention. A range of discussions over the past year (with heads, individual researchers, and individuals in the Dean’s Office) have consistently drawn attention to the strengths of HSS research as well as challenges related to securing space for research projects. Of the four priority areas in the strategic framework, three might offer attention to research (space, equity, and transparency, consistency, and communication). Additionally, the Planning and Research Standing Committee of Faculty Council serves as a formal avenue to which HSS faculty members might bring research-related questions or concerns.]