Undergraduate Liaisons

Undergraduate students with general questions about possible degree programs, declaring a major/minor program, degree requirements, course selection, certificates, diplomas, and general academic advice in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences should contact:

Renée Shute
Manager of Academic Programs, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
8:30 am – 4:00 pm during the summer (June, July, August)
AA-4077 (Arts and Administration)

First year students are encouraged to contact the Academic Advising Centre with questions. Note: During registration periods, there may be long waits for meetings and responses to email requests. Humanities and Social Sciences Students seeking academic advice are encouraged to book an appointment via Navigate 1 month before their scheduled registration time.

Undergraduate Liaisons 2020-2021

A page is available outlining the roles and responsibilities of Undergraduate Liaisons.

DepartmentNameE-Mail AddressPhoneRoom
Anthropology Dr. Robin Whitaker robinw@mun.ca 864-7451 QC4004
Archaeology Dr. Mario Blaser mblaser@mun.ca 864-6116 QC4017
Classics Dr. Kathryn Simonsen kathryns@mun.ca 864-8531 AA2061
Communication Studies (English) Dr. Dwayne Avery davery@mun.ca 864-8928 AA3034
Criminology (Sociology) Dr. Adrienne Peters apeters@mun.ca 864-2665 AA4064
Economics Dr. Nikita Lyssenko nlysenko@mun.ca 864-2149 A3096
English Dr. Jennifer Lokash jlokash@mun.ca 864-8277 A3026
Folklore Dr. Mariya Lesiv mlesiv@mun.ca 864-4417  
French (MLLC) Dr. Anne Thareau athareau@mun.ca 864-8597 SN4031
Gender Studies Dr. Katherine Side kside@mun.ca 864-6133 SN4079
Geography Dr. Norm Catto ncatto@mun.ca 864-7417 SN2012A
German (MLLC) Dr. Maria Mayr mmayr@mun.ca 864-8829 SN3056
History Dr. Sébastien Rossignol srossignol@mun.ca 864-2602 A4009
Law & Society (Political Science) Dr. Christina Doonan cdoonan@mun.ca 864-7413 SN2043
Linguistics Dr. Sara MacKenzie sjmackenzie@mun.ca 864-8170 SN3050E
Medieval Studies (Philosophy) Dr. Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby ajormsby@mun.ca 864-6899 A3012
Philosophy Dr. Peter Trnka ptrnka@mun.ca 864-8338 A3067
Political Science Dr. Luke Ashworth undergrad.polisci@mun.ca 864-4402 SN2031
Religious Studies Dr. Pat Dold pdold@mun.ca 864-3539 AA5010
Russian (MLLC) Dr. Alec Brookes abrookes@mun.ca 864-4788 SN3052
Sociology Dr. Lisa-Jo van den Scott kvandenscott@mun.ca 864 8677 AA4061
Spanish (MLLC) Dr. Myriam Osorio mosorio@mun.ca 864-4502 SN4045