Certificate and Diploma Coordinators

Listed below are the various interdisciplinary, diploma and certificate program coordinators within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students with general questions about certificate or diploma requirements should contact:

Renée Shute
Manager of Academic Programs, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
8:30 am – 4:00 pm during the summer (June, July, August)
AA-4077 (Arts and Administration)

Note: During registration periods, there may be long waits for meetings and responses to email requests. Humanities and Social Sciences Students seeking academic advice are encouraged to book an appointment via Navigate 1 month before their scheduled registration time.

Coordinators of Diploma Programs

A page is available outlining the roles and responsibilities of Diploma and Certificate Coordinators.

Program TitleNameEmailDepartmentOfficePhone
Ancient Worlds Dr. Mario Blaser mblaser@mun.ca Archaeology QC-4017 864-6116
Creative Writing Dr. Robert Finley rfinley@mun.ca English AA 3024 864-8052
Environmental Humanities Dr. Sean McGrath smcgrath@mun.ca Philosophy AA 3070A 864-2668
GI Sciences  Program on hold        
Humanities Dr. Arthur Sullivan arthurs@mun.ca Philosophy AA3105 864-8333
Stage and Screen Technique Dr. Jamie Skidmore skidmore@mun.ca English A 3027B 864-8404
Police Studies Dr. Daniel Kudla
dkudla@mun.ca Sociology AA 4067 864-7584 

Coordinators of Certificates

Indigenous Studies Dr. Scott Neilsen scott.neilsen@mun.ca Archaeology Labrador Institute 709-896-6210
Ancient Languages Dr. Kathryn Simonsen kathryns@mun.ca Classics AA 2061 864-8531
Criminology Dr. Adrienne Peters apeters@mun.ca Sociology AA 4064 864-2665
Film Studies Dr. Andrew Loman aloman@mun.ca English AA 3036 864-8293
Food Studies Dr. Kathy Gordon kgordon@mun.ca Anthropology QC4025 864-4893
Newfoundland and Labrador Studies Dr. Jillian Gould jgould@mun.ca Folklore ED 4044 864-3244
Public Policy Dr. Russell Williams russellw@mun.ca Political Science SN 2035 864-8189


Directors of Programs

Frecker Fall program Frecker Summer program Sarah Martin slmartin@mun.ca Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures SN-4041   864-8574