MUN Employee Lunch-Time Sports

At Memorial’s St. John’s campus, employees have the opportunity to participate in Memorial Employee Lunch Time Sports (MELTS). MELTS is a group of like-minded employees and retirees (co-ed) who get together to play a fun-focused, pick-up style game of sports in the middle of the day. The games are designed with fun, fitness and participation as the main goals, not competition.

MELTS uses simplified rules ... and sometimes keeps score. The main focus of MELTS is to get employees/retirees to come out, get moving, get a break from everyday work stresses, meet new people from other departments/faculties and have fun. Why not get a few of your coworkers together and join?

MELTS takes place throughout the year (fall, winter and spring) and focuses on three sports: basketball, soccer and volleyball. During the summer months while the weather is nice, MELTS soccer switches from an indoor to an outdoor sport.

Indoor activities usually take place in the gym of the Memorial physical education (PE) building. Outdoor games take place on the field outside the PE building. Participants can use "day use" lockers in the PE building or in the Field House. Participants are asked to remember to bring a lock to ensure the security of their belongings.

Winter 2022 

Monday, February 14 -  Friday, April 1, 2022

Basketball:    Monday, Wednesday, Friday noon

Soccer:  Tuesday noon 

Volleyball:  Check back for updates 

There is no cost for MELTS per se; however, because the program uses The Works indoor and outdoor facilities, each participant will need to either have a "courts" membership which includes outside fields or pay a $5.00 drop-in fee at The Works Customer Service Desk with each visit. For more information on membership options and services please check out The Works website.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Kathleen Wall, wellness consultant for more information. Please note: all new participants need to complete a Par-Q form and mail it to the attention of:

Wellness Consultant
Department of Human Resources
Arts and Administration Building.