SMART Objectives

As part of the Performance Development Process Pilot Project, participants are expected to write SMART objectives. SMART objectives are those that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

The following are examples of SMART objectives:

  • Conduct a review of operation area “A” by March 31, 2018, which produces a minimum of $10,000 in annual savings to the unit.
  • Complete the one-day education session in Microsoft Visio offered by SGY Software Training Centre by June 2017.

The table below provides descriptions of each part of SMART along with assessment questions.

SMART Description Participant Assessment








Objectives clearly define what will be achieved. Objectives include both the actions needed and the results expected.






What do I want to achieve?

Why am I interested in achieving it?

How am I going to achieve it?








The results of objectives are observable and measurable. Larger objectives may have smaller measures that build up to the full achievement of the objective.



How will I know when the objective is achieved?

How will I measure my progress?










Objectives are achievable but also can provide a challenge and development for the employee.







Is the objective achievable?

What are the steps I should take to achieve the objective?

Do I have the knowledge, skills, abilities, authority and resources needed to achieve the objective?







Objectives that are relevant to your team, manager, unit and organization are more likely to be supported.





Is the objective relevant to my unit’s priorities?

Is the objective relevant to my long term objectives or the long term objectives of my unit?









Objectives include time frames or target dates. Even though the performance development process is based on a one year cycle objectives can be set for longer time frames and reviewed on an annual basis.






How long will it take to achieve the objective?

When is the objective due to be completed?

When am I going to work on this objective?

When will I start and finish the objective?