Principles of the Pilot Project

The following are the principles of the Performance Development Process Pilot Project.

1) The performance planning process will help align a participant’s performance with their unit’s or senior executive’s objectives.

  • Objectives will be measurable
  • Behavioural competencies will be used to help define performance expectations
  • A participant’s development plan will support achievement of work objectives and, if applicable, career objectives
  • A participant’s performance plan may be updated based on significant changes in unit or university priorities

2) Participant success will be supported by developmental coaching and timely feedback.

  • Timely feedback and coaching will allow participants to make adjustments during a performance cycle
  • A participant’s administrator will work collaboratively with them to identify any development they need to meet performance expectations and achieve performance plans

3) Participant performance will be regularly reviewed.

  • Participants’ administrators will receive training on how to assess and provide performance feedback
  • Participants will receive feedback on work completed and behavioural competencies
  • Performance discussions will be a two-way conversation between a participant and their administrator
  • Participants may be able to receive performance feedback from a variety of sources. This feedback will be for the participant to use in informing their development