Learning Supports

Participants in the Performance Development Process Pilot Project can avail of various learning supports.

SMART Objectives

For assistance with the writing of SMART objectives, please visit the SMART Objectivesweb-page.

Educational Sessions

In the Performance Development Process Pilot there are separate learning objectives for each educational session as follows.

• Learn about DiSC and the Everything DiSC Workplace Map
• Identify your style and explore the priorities that drive you
• Discover similarities and differences among the DiSC styles

Feedback That Works
• Better understand the need for providing feedback in the workplace
• Be introduced to a model of giving feedback-Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI)
• Practice delivering and receiving feedback using the SBI model
• Review common mistakes in delivering and receiving feedback
• Recognize some typical situations in which giving and receiving feedback may be difficult
• Create a plan of action for more effectively delivering feedback in the workplace

Coaching for Performance
• Define coaching
• Understand the importance of effective coaching and why it benefits the workplace
• Explore the coaching process using the GROW model
• Practice coaching techniques with real life cases

Human Resources Support

For assistance or additional information, please contact myhr@mun.ca.