Expectations, Roles and Responsibilities

The following outlines, by date, the expectations, roles and responsibilities of managers and employees involved in the Performance Development Process Pilot Project.

Dec. 2016-March 2017

In preparation for the pilot, managers and employees are expected to attend sessions on: performance development process orientation; DiSC workplace map; giving and receiving feedback; and performance development process planning. Additionally, managers attend: coaching for development and optional practice coaching circles.

March-April 20, 2017

Planning and objective setting takes place during this time period. The manager and employee should: identify the core responsibilities of the job; consider unit and university priorities; identify potential projects; identify development that may be needed to achieve objectives; decide upon work, project and developmental objectives; document objectives in SMART format; and schedule a minimum of three review conversations to discuss progress.

The outcomes of this period include: a signed performance agreement with objectives in SMART format; performance agreements e-mailed to the human resources campus contact(s) by April 28, 2017; and meetings scheduled to discuss progress in achieving 2017/18 objectives.

April 2017-March 2018

Monitoring takes place during this time period. The manager and employee should make adjustments if any change(s) in objectives is needed.

Coaching and feedback also occur during this period. The manager is expected to provide feedback and coaching on performance (this should occur on a minimum of a monthly basis). The manager should also schedule end of period review conversations with the employee by mid-February.

The employee should seek feedback and coaching to ensure performance is meeting expectations and participate in coaching and feedback conversations.
The outcomes of this period include: regular conversations on implementation of performance agreement; clarity on performance; manager support of employee’s performance; employee understanding of expectations; and scheduled end of period review conversations.

April 2-20, 2018

Following the completion of the project, an end of period review discussion will take place. During this period, the employee should reflect on what went well, what did I learn and what could have gone better? The manager should prepare to provide feedback on the performance achieved for the review period. Together, the manager and employee: have a conversation on performance and identify accomplishments, strengths, and areas for growth and complete the performance development form.

The outcome of this period is the emailing of final documentation to the human resources campus contact(s) by April 28, 2018.