Performance Development Process Pilot Project

Memorial University is piloting a performance development project for one year starting on April 1, 2017 and ending on March 31, 2018. This project, the Performance Development Process Pilot Project, will focus on the implementation of a performance development process for employees on the senior administrative management (SAM) and management and professional (MPS) pay scales. A basic performance against objectives process has been in place for SAM employees since 2008; however, to date there has not been a formal process for MPS employees. Fifty-seven people in academic and administrative units from Memorial’s St. John’s, Grenfell and Marine Institute campuses are participating in the pilot project.

Project participants will have: their work efforts aligned with their unit’s objectives, clarity on work expectations, and opportunities for regular and timely conversations with their unit administrator about their performance and development. For the purposes of this project, a unit administrator is defined as an academic or non-academic employee with supervisory responsibilities.

In developing the pilot project, a working group with multi-campus and academic and administrative representation reviewed research literature and Canadian university practices. A series of consultations and focus groups were held to gather information that was used to design the process. A faculty expert reviewed the working group’s work and provided guidance on the process design.

Visual representation of performance development process

Evaluation of the pilot will be on-going throughout the project and and will be finalized by June 2018. This evaluation will be dependent upon feedback from participants and their experience in the pilot. Feedback will be gathered via various means such as surveys, interviews, informal check-ins and focus groups and will be used to improve the design and functioning of the performance development process.

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