The Harris Centre Regional Analytics Laboratory (RAnLab) focuses on the use of regional economic and spatial analytics to quantitatively assess the capacity and sustainability of industries, labour markets, and the population of places for the purpose of informing evidence based policies for regional development.

regional economic and spatial analytics

inform evidence-based policies for regional development

RAnLab has worked with partners of all levels to develop a series of operational geo-spatial supply chain and regional analytics models that can assess the localized impacts of any present or projected future changes in demography, commodity prices, technology, labour markets, and housing demands, as well as industries and services including transportation and health care delivery. This includes modelling the effects of the introduction, reorganization, or removal of industries or services from a region.

our models can show local impacts of changes in:
commodity prices
labour markets
housing demands
industry & services

RAnLab uses quantative approaches to ensure that objective assessments can be completed. For example, RANLab can produce regional economic profiles that:

  • Provides insight into the nature of a region and their municipal economies
  • Examines the value of connections between industries and places
  • Assesses the value of interactions between the region's population and other regions for services
two of our modelling frameworks include:

To find out more detail on what RAnLab can do for you, visit our Presentations page, or email one of us!

“What RAnLab is doing is not being done anywhere else. We look more closely, more locally and we try to use more detail: not just regionally, or geographically, but in terms of the variables, like age, education level, and so on. This project gives local people a tool box to empower them.”

Jamie Ward, manager of RAnLab

Who we Are

Rob Greenwood

Director, Harris Centre


Kim Crosbie

Manager, Operations & Special Projects, Harris Centre


Jamie Ward

Manager, RAnLab


Meghan Eibner

Policy Analyst, RAnLab