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Study Abroad

Memorial University has more than 140 student programs, exchanges and research partnership agreements with academic institutions all over the world, and significant opportunities to study, collaborate, work and live during semesters abroad.

From German language field school in Heidelberg and a summer program in St. Petersburg, Russia, to field study programs in a variety of disciplines at the Harlow Campus in the U.K. and opportunities for exchange with the University of the Arctic, there are opportunities for everyone willing to take on the adventure of learning abroad!

Your Options: Group Study vs. Exchange

A group study program typically involves you as a Memorial Student participating in a program abroad with other Memorial students. The program is facilitated by one or several faculty and staff members who are your main points of contact and support while overseas. The courses that you study overseas are Memorial University courses for which you receive course grades and credit.

An exchange program, on the other hand, involves you travelling to a partner institution to study courses related to your academic discipline. Typically, you will be the only student (or one of several) travelling for anywhere from 1 semester to a full year abroad. Memorial has many such agreements with institutions around the world, some of which will be listed on this website. Courses that you study overseas are courses from the host institution, for which credit may transfer back to Memorial. It is recommended to ensure before you study abroad that courses will transfer back and contribute to your degree at Memorial.

Length of Study

Memorial's undergraduate study abroad programs vary in length from 3 or 4 weeks through 13 weeks abroad. Group study and field schools are offered at different times and durations throughout the year; exchange programs are typically offered in fall and winter semesters, but some partners offer shorter summer programs as well. 
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