Nova Almine

Office: International Coastal Network, IIC-3063

Email: nmalmine[at]mun[dot]ca

Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee

Previous Education:
BSc Marine Biology, Southern Leyte State University, Philippines (2017)

Research project description:
Small fish, often considered low-value fish, are primarily used as raw materials for fishmeal and fish oil production to feed farmed animals in aquaculture. The large-scale industrialized fisheries contribute most of the global small fish production. However, although smaller in production, small fish from small-scale fisheries are the basis of food, nutrition, and livelihood to many people especially in developing countries. Often, these small fish are processed, dried, smoked, and fermented, thus, also providing jobs and livelihoods to many people, both men and women, in harvest and post-harvest sectors around the world. But the importance of small fish as food is invisible in global policy. My project aims to fill the knowledge gaps with the study of the small-scale anchovy fisheries highlighting this sector's values and contributions. It also captures critical issues and concerns affecting the sustainability of small-scale anchovy fisheries.

Research interests:
Small-scale fisheries
Fisheries Governance
Sustainability of marine resources and utilization