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Vol 39  No 17
July 19, 2007



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In Brief

Wine and roses at the garden

The Botanical Garden is hosting a fabulous fund-raiser later this month. An Evening of Wine and Roses at the Garden takes place Thursday, July 26, and is part of the garden’s 30th anniversary festivities.

Dr. Wilf Nicholls, director of the garden, said the evening promises to be a memorable one.

“In the main Field Centre and down in the garden under tents, guests will be treated to the first annual John Cabot Rose Society exhibit, rose seminars, a silent auction, wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, music and garden tours,” he said. “We shall also be unveiling a display of Thai orchids that were donated to the garden last year by His Excellency Snanchart Devahastin, the Royal Thai ambassador to Canada.”

Dr. Nicholls said hopes are high that the ambassador will attend the event.

The evening starts at the Botanical Garden at 5 p.m. and runs until about 9 p.m. The rose seminars will be starting at 5 p.m. sharp.

Tickets are available from the garden for $75, with a $35 tax receipt. All proceeds from this fundraiser will help support the garden’s education programs for children. For more information, please contact the Botanical Garden at 737-8590.

Synapse Award for Dr. John McLean

Dr. John H. McLean, professor of anatomy and neuroscience at Memorial University, is the first person to receive the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Synapse Award – Individual Researcher.

The award, which is worth $5,000, recognizes the efforts of a health researcher who has made exceptional efforts to promote health research among Canada’s high school students.

Through mentorship, the winner regularly motivates youth to consider both the value of health research as well career opportunities that exist within various scientific fields. The winner is nominated by someone who understands his/her direct scientific contributions to young people, and is chosen by the members of the CIHR Youth Outreach Advisory Board.

Dr. McLean has encouraged youth to develop an interest in neuroscience through the organization of two primary competitions: Brain Storm and Brain Art. As an oral challenge, Brain Storm tests a student’s knowledge of facts related to the brain. Brain Art acts as an artistic challenge and allows a student to creatively represent the brain using hand-drawn paint or ink.

Human Rights approves hiring female apprentices

On July 5, Memorial was granted permission to target women considering a career in the trades sector through the Apprenticeship Trades Program.

Memorial made application for this special program due to the low representation of women in the skilled trades industry. According to the provincial Apprenticeship Experience Report of 2003, women account for less than three per cent of all apprentices in the skilled trades, outside of the hairstyling and cooking trades.

This apprenticeship program for trades is made possible through provincial funding and is consistent with government's mandate in promoting non-traditional trades for women.

"Memorial hired seven apprentices in January 2007, all of whom are excellent, and all of whom are men," said Lisa Hollett, director of Human Resources. "In the next round of apprenticeship hiring, we would like to fill as many of the positions as possible with female candidates, This initiative supports employment equity and signals to women considering a career in the trades sector that positions are available to them."

Memorial is not alone in trying to create opportunities for women and equity in non-traditional careers. "The petroleum industry and the association of engineers and geoscientists have long since recognized the low representation of women in their sectors and have developed measures to improve the status quo," Ms. Hollett said.

Memorial requested, and was granted, permission pursuant to Section 19 of the Human Rights Code to hire as many women as possible in the next round apprenticeship hiring. The Human Rights Commission commended Memorial on undertaking "such a worthwhile initiative."


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