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Vol 39  No 12
Apr. 5, 2007



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Business student garners international recognition
by Olivia Heaney
special to the gazette

A paper written by business student Arif Husain was recently selected from among hundreds submitted to be presented at Education Without Borders 2007, an international student conference hosted by the United Arab Emirates through the Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi. The conference, which was attended by 1,000 students from 108 countries, is hosted biennially and aims to create networks across cultures in order to understand and generate solutions for world issues.

Mr. Husain’s paper was titled Mapping the Connections: Entrepreneurship, Energy, and Education as Gateways Towards Poverty Reduction. It was critically peer-reviewed and then further chosen as the top paper for the conference track concentrated on poverty reduction, and Mr. Husain was awarded a significant scholarship for his achievement. He feels that the Faculty of Business Administration and his program of study influenced and shaped his paper.

“Winning this international award is a high point of my bachelor of business administration program,” said Mr. Husain. “It is also a clear reflection of the level of education provided by Memorial University, and a testament to the high-calibre program offered by the Faculty of Business Administration.”

The theme of the Education Without Borders 2007, Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges, provided a platform for meaningful and sustainable dialogue on topics such as education and technology, global responses to natural disasters, and the media as a tool for social impact. Keynote speakers included high-ranking officials and experts from the fields of academia, government, and industry. Addresses from Mohammed Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, and Chris Cramer, the managing director of CNN International, were highlights for all delegates.

The Faculty of Business Administration held an essay competition and selected two additional students, Dana Burke and Lindsey Hewitt, to attend Education Without Borders 2007. Both young women felt that the conference spurred a great deal of worthwhile discussion, and they expressed their gratitude to the Faculty for providing them with the experience. They found it eye-opening to examine the various ways different cultures address social and political challenges. “The conference really expanded my definition of business and put a fire in me to learn more about what’s going on in the world,” said Ms. Burke.


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