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December 11, 2003


Board a privilege - chair


By Kristine Hamlyn

Chris Decker
Chris Decker

Chris Decker has fond memories of his time on Memorial’s Board of Regents. Mr. Decker had been a member of the board since 1999 and was appointed chair effective November 2002. He held this post until October 2003 when he resigned to serve as co-chair for the Liberal Campaign Management Committee for the provincial election.

“I am aware of what Memorial has done for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Mr. Decker. “I consider it a great privilege to have served on a board which plays a great role in the running of the university.”

As chair, Mr. Decker played a key role in bringing resolution to a number of important matters at the university. During this time, the board approved a balanced budget for 2003-2004, approved a tuition reduction for undergraduates and approved an increase in tuition fees for international students to help fund new academic programs, support services and financial aid.

During Mr. Decker’s tenure, the board also ratified a labour agreement with the faculty association and approved a new policy ensuring that all clothing sold by the university would be manufactured in conditions with fair labour practices.
Mr. Decker brought a great wealth of experience to his role on the Board of Regents. The Roddickton resident was elected to the House of Assembly in 1985 and subsequentlyserved as minister of health, minister of education and training, and minister of justice.

Prior to provincial politics, Mr. Decker was mayor of the Town of Roddickton and owned/operated several businesses. Even further, he served on several school-related boards and councils throughout the province. Mr. Decker is also a Memorial alum, having graduated with a bachelor of arts (English) from Memorial University and a master of divinity from Pine Hill Divinity Hall.

Georgina Hedges, now acting chair of the board, recalls Mr. Decker as being a team-player. “He respected everyone’s point of view and always invited active participation in decision making,” she commented. “In his short time on the board he demonstrated a great commitment to Memorial and made a meaningful contribution to the future of this university.”



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