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(July 12, 2001, Gazette)

Agency and Action in Colonial Africa

Edited by Dr. Chris Youé and Dr. Tim Stapleton

Agency and Action in Colonial AfricaThe individual experiences of those who, in some way, contributed to the development and demise of colonial Africa are often overlooked. These “agents” of empire – intellectuals and peasants, chiefs and ex-slaves, nationalists and colonial officials – symbolize the ambiguities of and limitation on colonial power. Agency and Action in Colonial Africa attempts to capture their legacies.

Edited by Dr. Chris Youé, History department and Dr. Youé’s former Memorial student Dr. Tim Stapleton, Agency and Action in Colonial Africa is dedicated to John E. Flint of Dalhousie University, Canada’s premier historian of colonialism in Africa. Both editors studied under Dr. Flint.

Dr. Flint taught colonial history at Dalhousie for 27 years, during which time he supervised 30 PhD students and countless MAs. He is best known internationally as the scholar who unravelled the complexities (and simplicities) of those influential agents of late 19th century commercial empire, Cecil Rhodes and George Goldie.

The authors write in the introduction that “The man who has taught students in Santa Barbara and Stanford in California, and headed the departments of history in Nsukka, Nigeria, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the person who has made such a contribution to the humanity of African studies in Canada, and a significant one to African history internationally.

Dr. Chris Youé
Dr. Chris Youé

“The legacy of Flint’s scholarship is still with us, not so much between the covers of this volume, as in a multitude of rooms and offices throughout the world.”

Dr. Youé also contributed a chapter titled Rebellion and Quiescence: Kenyan and Rhodesian Responses to Forced Removals in the 1950s.

Agency and Action is published by Palgrave.

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