A Grammar of the Dialect of the Bolton Area

By Graham Shorrocks

(Apr. 23, 1998, Gazette)

This book is a development of Dr. Graham Shorrocks' PhD dissertation, that has not only been reworked and updated, but now includes findings based on fieldwork carried out in the late 1980s. The geographical scope has also been widened.

A native of Farnworth, a town within the Bolton Metropolitan borough, Dr. Shorrocks first carried out fieldwork in the Farnworth and Bolton areas between 1972-74 thanks to receipt of the Edgar Allen Scholarship from the University of Sheffield.

The target audience is specialized, consisting of institutions and academics - chiefly scholars working in the fields of dialectology, phonology and syntax.

The book's publisher is Peter Lang. However, the book was commissioned for a series by Prof. Wolfgang Viereck of the University of Bamberg, Germany. Prof. Viereck, an eminent figure in English Dialectology, is the general editor of the series. The series, entitled Bamberger Beiträge zur Englischen Sprachwissenschaft/University of Bamberg Studies in English Linguistics, is devoted to monographs on the English language, dealing with such matters as phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon. The series has a strong record of publishing works on English dialects. Part two of Dr. Shorrocks study is due to be published in the same series towards the end of this year.

"Most books in the series have a PhD dissertation underpinning them, though, in my own case, the study has come a long way since my earlier PhD on the dialect of Farnworth and district in the North-West of England," explained Dr. Shorrocks. "As you will have noticed, the book contains a lot of very detailed phonetics, as well as charts and diagrams, so that producing the camera-ready copy was something of a nightmare."

The present study was facilitated by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. A printing subsidy was paid to the publisher by the Library of the University of Bamberg.